More searchability of spotlights?

I was just thumbing through the spotlights, and it came to mind: Is it possible to enable searching by the username of the spotlighter (for the spotlights with the data) or the spotlightee? It might be handy for hunting out game hints or wisdom when we’re in a hurry. :wink:

Click on the header “USERNAME or ADDED BY” and It sorts by who gave the spotlight, or who’s quote it is.

Then ya just gotta page thorough them till you find who you are looking for.

Need an inspirational quote??

How about being able to search by keyword, giving the user a general topic of what it’s about. Or how about… :wink: TAGGING :wink: spotlights?

True, it can be done that way–but page through 44 (and counting) pages of spotlights? :ahh:

44 pages… I wonder why I see a couple of them repeated each day?

I’m on CD waaaaay too much!!!

I think it’s more time than anything…but how specific do these categories have to be?

Some posts are behavior related.
Others are FIRST message related.
Others are truly random.

Tagging? Very possible. I’ve got other things up my sleeves right now, though. :slight_smile: