More Snow For SBPLI?

Looking at the long range weather forecasts, looks like SBPLI may see some snow again this year. Especially since the location is different (I liked SCCC, it was 10 minutes from my house…), I’d advise any teams going to be on the safe side and make sure a few crucial team members have some sort of alternative plan to getting to the competition on time if your district decides not to send buses. If I remember correctly, last year this was almost a problem, but we lucked out and the snow wasn’t bad. Hopefully it won’t be anything like the storm on Saturday (figures, the one week I’m back on LI, it snows like heck), otherwise we’ll have some major problems.

Anyways, good luck to all, I can’t wait to see how SBPLI turns out this year at the new location.

Yeah, last year was almost a problem, but this years snow has been crazy. :ahh:

And now we have to go an extra 20 minutes to the venue. :frowning:

Hopefully the Florida team will remember their jackets. :wink:

Hopefully there is no more snow. It’s St. Patrick’s Day- we’ll get lucky.
See you all in the PIT! :smiley:

the worst part of this is our district decided today that any team member can not drive themselves to the competition (even if your older than 18) so we must take district transportation…so hopefully not too much snow =D

I remember a few years ago, there was a robot coming from UTC down to Long Island and it got stuck in a snow storm, so the robot wasn’t here on Wednesday like everyone else’s. They didn’t get their robot until late on Thursday. My team offered to rent our robot to them. :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck to everyone at Long Island. Unforunately, I won’t be able to make it this year (last minute interview) and I will miss it greatly.

Awwwwww!! :frowning: We will miss you too!

I can see it now:
“Can we borrow a #6 torx driver?”
“Sure, can we borrow your robot?”

What if theres a snow day? Can’t you just go since the district is closed?

A bigger problem would be a delayed opening I think. :ahh:

It doesn’t look like theres any snow though in the ten day forecast

Yeah, luckily it clear up. My dad had pointed out to me about 5 days ago that there was some chances of snow on Thursday/Friday (when I’m driving down), but it seems that the storm fizzled out :D. Keep your fingers crossed though.

You know, my school has some rule like that. The way we got around it was saying that we weren’t “going to the competition,” but just “missing school.” Then we just so happened to wind up at the competition with the team. Strange, huh? :wink:

I don’t know how much this year, but last year it was a very good thing my team had a few cars at SCCC, because we were driving around everywhere to get materials and whatnot.

well the one senior that we needed to have drive to hofstra just happened to miss the past two days of school…so he doesnt “know” that he cant drive there. So he might just happened to drive there anyway :rolleyes: