More than 1 inbounder

Can a alliance have more than one inbounder because <G31> states that inbounders may only contact two balls at a time and that balls must be removed from the corral immediately upon arrival so if there is one inbounder and they pick up two balls and a third one drops in are you penalized

Each alliance has 3 inbounders, one per team.

can all three inbounders handle the balls

Yes, each inbounder can hold a maximum of 2 balls.

can all three inbounders throw the hail mary shots during the last 30 seconds

Yes, though it wouldn’t be smart to have all of them hold onto the balls at once, because if the opponents score another ball, they’ll be holding too many and get penalized.

And, they have to get over the netting if they aren’t at the Inbound Station–and they have to be at the Inbound Station to throw unless they like penalties.

We decided that the most we would want at the station is five balls to keeps the penalties from happening, and it would most likely be a chain to the station for hail mary shots.