More than 2 aux switches in 1 port

Is there a way to do more than 2 aux switches in 1 port? This is my first year doing something other than the construction of the bot, so sorry if I ask stupid questions.

I think I could do it by wiring a switch into the pins normally used by the joystick buttons, but if there is a better way I would like to know.

Each port can have a maximum of four switches and four axes. The switches can be wired into trig, top, aux1, and aux2 and are normally used for limit switches, optical sensors, or the pressure sensors. The axes are wired into X, Y, Wheel, and Aux. They are used for pots or gyros.

Each port, as said above, has 4 analog inputs (0-5V) and 4 digital inputs (on/off).

The pinouts for the ports start on page 14 in the link above. The function isn’t set in stone, because it can be used for anything really. You just gotta program it different then.

If you run out of switches you can always start using analog inputs… You’ll just have two settings when you program it: 0 or 255.