More than 3 stages MAXPlanetary on NEO

I couldn’t find this information anywhere else…
Is there anything that would prevent us using a 4th stage MAXplanetary on a NEO to have a 500:1 final ratio (5:1, 5:1, 5:1, 4:1).

REV publishes this image to help. They probably don’t have a 4th stage on here for a reason.

Could you use a chain or gear reduction somewhere after the planetary?

yeah I believe in the user manual they start to fail around 230-250 Nm

We could but what does it really change compares to having another stage and longer screws?

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Ok that makes sense.
Would be a stage failure, not a motor issue!

With really high reduction/ high loads you would want the last reduction to be interfacing with good sprocket tooth wrap vs comparably small gears, spreading those forces out over multiple sprocket teeth vs single gear teeth. A sprocket reduction at the end also offers a way to take some backlash out with tension options such as slots w/ cams or floating sprockets


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