More Thank You's Than 1902 Can Handle

I was asked to offer up some thank you’s on behalf of all of Team 1902…

Teams 40 and 1332- Thank you for choosing us to round out your alliance. Though we ran into the powerhouse that is the World Champions, it was a thrilling ride and hope to see your teams again soon.

Team 1155- Thank you for offering to help us out with anything during eliminations, despite being a backup robot on another field.

Team 86 Resistance- Thank you for coming to cheer alongside of us during eliminations in Atlanta. Though we are sure you were disappointed in not getting to play on yourselves, it was greatly appreciated. It is always a great time when our two teams are together. Hopefully we will get the chance to play on the same alliance, instead of against each other (1902 has played against 86 in the elims at FL 3 years in a row).

Team 228 GUS- Thank you for also coming over to our stands and cheering with us, in both CT and Atlanta. We look forward to continuing our already great friendship in the years to come. We hope everything works out next season so you guys can come enjoy the FL weather in March :smiley: .

Team 1592 Bionic Tigers- Not only did your team cheer us on in CT and Atlanta, but graciously let our team tag along on your bus to Championships. It made our trip so much less stressful and we cannot thank you enough.

We must also give a shout out to all the other teams that cheered us on. wished us luck, or even put our little squishy pigs on their robots at all our competitions. There are way too many teams to list, or even remember, but thank you again and we look forward to seeing everyone at IRI, TNT, and next season.