More then 2 team alliance???

Hay people I just discovered this on US first website about the championship eligibility

(Regional Champions (number per regional event TBD based on the 2005 game)

Hay this might might be a hint that it might be more then a 2 team alliance Or only a 1 team :confused: :eek:

It was there last year too though. And a thread similar to this one appeared. I would search for it, but my computer does some auto-fill thing where I can’t properly search for anything anymore.

o ok I must of missed that last year but hay you never know with FIRST

Yeah, like Shyra said, FIRST tries to lead people on every year and does that. There could be the remote possibility that they could up to more then 2 teams on an alliance, but I seriously doubt it…not yet at least

Haven’t alliances been three teams for the past three years (if not more, I’ve only been in FIRST since Zone Zeal)? :-p

Only 2 per alliance are on the field, though.

In 2001 there were 4 robots on the field on the same alliance.

There were 5 per alliance in 2001, 4 on the field and a rotator.

I wouldn’t read too much into it quite yet…wait til they give out the official hints then begin the speculation.

I could see more alliance partners like 3 or something but i can’t see just one on one. The competitions are way too big and each team would get like 3-4 matches. However if there where more alliance partners then you could get in 8-10 matches. And i am pretty sure FIRST takes that in to consideration when they design a game.

I believe that the will be using the same field with some modifications. If this remains true then more than 4 bots on the field would be crazy. Plan on 2 teams per alliance and three in elim rounds.

You mean that they HAVEN’T been giving out hints yet?!!??!! :rolleyes:



I have been doing some detective work over the past few nights. Your hints have not been ignored. You are leaving quite a trail. Here is the evidence from your latest posts.

(Dave’s posts are in " ", with my analysis following)

DL: “four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water… fifth element named ‘Pete Best’”

Analysis: Pete Best is the 5th Beetle, as he was the drummer who Ringo replaced. Ringo is spelled with 5 letters.

DL: “Water.”

Analysis: 5 letters make up the word “water”.

DL: “‘So?’ replied the bartender, ‘what happened? You couldn’t have lost an eye just from some bird poop!’ ‘Well,’ says the pirate, ‘I really wasn’t used to the hook yet.’”

Analysis: The pirate’s hook replaced his 5 fingers. 5 fingers… see the connection yet?

DL: “Great, now they are talking about my wardrobe…
Yes, it’s true. I just found out yesterday that I was within about a week or so of being ambushed and forced to clean up my act on national television. My “friends” had worked it with the NASA powers-that-be, and they were all set to go when the production company waved off on thier trip to DC. Whew! Coming between me and my Hawaiian shirts would be like trying to get between Dean and denim.”

Analysis: As we know, the TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” started this make-over movement. There are 5 guys who make over straight guys on that show. 5 guys. Again, we have a 5 connection.

DL: “Ohhhh! That’s wicked awesome!!!”

Analysis: Notice that he used 5 letters in the word “Ohhhh”. He could’ve used 3 "h"s or 5… but no, he used 4. Coincidence? I think not.

DL: “With a one-on-one-on-one-on-one-on-one game it would be really easy.”

Analysis: This is getting too easy.

Here, he is talking about the Genesis Capsule crash:
DL: "Just a few quick data points:

  • all we know so far is that the neither the drogue or main parachutes deployed, and it appears that the deployment mortar never fired … (yada yada)… In that event, it is likely that all sceince wll be lost.
    More to come…"

Analysis: We all know that the capsule is 5 feet in diameter. Not only does Dave give hints to next year’s game, the capsule designers at NASA knowingly made the diameter 5 feet. They decided upon this number over 6 years ago. Obviously, next year’s game has been anticipated by people for many years.

DL: “Red rum”

Analysis: Of course, this is a reference to “the Shining”, by Stephen King. This spells “murder” backwards. While there is no relation to 5 here, obviously the game will be difficult.

DL: “254. They have obviously figuered out something special. I want to learn from them.”

Analysis: 254 (Cheesy Poofs) has a “5” in their team number. Also, “poofs” is spelled with 5 letters. Eerie!

DL: “One of those four is true.”

Analysis: 1+4=5. It is all adding up.

DL: “… and for you self-immolation fans, there was always the Pinto.”

Analysis: “Pinto” has 5 letters in it. aaaaaah!

DL: “Look, I know all the stories, and all the jokes, and all the different things that “FORD” can stand for. Doesn’t matter. I drive a '97 Mustang GT convertable. Before that it was a '85 Mustang GT 5.0 liter 5-speed T-top. Before that it was a '73 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland. And before that I drove a '68 GT Mustang Shelby Cobra KR500. What can I say - I like 'em!”

Analysis: 8"5" Mustang… “5”.0… “5”-speed… 3"5"1 Cleveland… KR"5"00. And… get this… the next Mustang he will buy will be his FIFTH! Wow!

DL: “Remind me that from now on I need to keep my mouth shut. -dave”

Dave, or should we call you “Mr. 5”, you have already said too much.

Andy B.

Ok, I think that this is official certification of Andy being Dave’s stalker and definately enough info for Dave to get a restraining order… :ahh: :smiley:

In 1999, there were 4 robots on the field about half the size of what we have now. There is plenty of room for more robots on the field.


If I have told you once, I have told you five times, don’t explain all the hints! We dont want everyone will figure it out too soon!

-dave, dave, dave, dave, and dave

One problem. According to this page, Queer Eye premiered on July 15, 2003. According to this page (why doesn’t Wikipedia have any mention of WNTW?), What Not to Wear first hit the (American) airwaves March 8, 2003. So What Not to Wear came first.

And before you try to get your conspiracy theories going, that’s a FOUR-month gap. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK… but how much do the people on WNTW get to spend on their new clothes? No, not $4,000… they get $5,000. Coincidence? hmmmm.


has anyone considered that the year we will be playing in is 2005. So there could be 5 of something.

NASA and Delphi are obviously is good hands these days :rolleyes:

Baker, wanna come teach my Lit classes analysis and interpretation?

Don’t forget that competition lasts 5 weeks with the first week having 5 events. There will also be 5 fields at championship. Also the one that started the analysis was Baker (5 letters). FIRST has how many letter? The plot thickens. :eek: