MORT Team 11 Weeks 1-3

For years now, team 11 has issued weekly publications titled MORT in a Minute. This season, the team decided to turn this into a weekly vlog.

Check out the excellent weekly MORT in a Minute videos for weeks 1 through 3 at their Youtube channel as well as a season opener, and a kickoff video. And yes, they realize these are longer than 1 minute.

Season Opener

M.i.a.M Kickoff Edition

M.i.a.M Week 1

M.i.a.M Week 2

M.i.a.M Week 3

The students are doing excellent work on both 11 and 193 and it’s shaping up to be an exciting season. Stay tuned on youtube and the team facebook pages.


Impressive work, as always by team 11 and now also team 193.


How many students do you have on your team?

We have roughly 100 students on 11 and 40 first year students on our JV team, Mort Beta, 193.

There’s more information about the two team structure and number of students involved under the “MORT Today” heading on this page:

Wow… MORT beta is twice the size of 1551!

The combined teams are just shy of my high school graduating class. 0_0

Why does Mort Beta have a low team number if it is a relatively new team?

Also, I thought my team was large! We are the largest team in MN (last time I checked), with about 80 students. We started doing multiple FTC teams for JV, so I was just wondering why you guys decided to do a second FRC team instead. I think for us was that we didn’t have the money, mentors, and resources to launch a second FRC team, so FTC’s smaller scale was helpful.

We were given the low number due to our unique circumstance, since we really aren’t a rookie team, so we ended up with an unused lower team number even though this is our first season.

Due to our size, we had to come up with a way for everyone to participate who wanted to. We had toyed around with the idea of the FTC team and debated between the two for a while, and I think it’s a great route to go. We really wanted to have another FRC team so that first year students could get the full experience before moving on the MORT, but we made it clear to ourselves that everything had to be new for Beta. We secured additional funding from the district for the new team, called back alumni to mentor the team (almost every mentor graduated from MORT) and are fortunate enough to have another room for the second team to work out of.

It’s not easy, and it’s not for everyone, but we think it brings a great dynamic to both the team and the school.

I believe NCS is graduating 64 kids this year.

The same happened when 340 started 424.

Fixed link:

It looks like the video is still private.

Very nice video. May I ask how you plan to use the brakes?

Fixed link:

Akash’s link is broken.

Here is the Week 4 Mort in a Minute:

Weird, when 229 started our ‘sub-team’ (229 was always Salmon River and Massena HS, now 229 is SR and 4124 is Massena)…we were assigned, obviously, 4124.

Great job MORT! It is a real challenge keeping 140 students engaged and inspired. Good luck to you this year.

If that’s true, it’s a violation of FIRST policy as stated in Case 2 of the Team Split/Combine Criteria, available here.