Most AWESOME match from your event. Week 3

We were at Midland.

That auton in the beginning though on the red alliance. Happened to us at Buckeye… Probably one of the fastest of getting in 8 bolders in the low goal. and that team work in the end to get the capture. Beautiful Match.

It was awesome to be a part of this match! The crowd erupted at the end!

Umm, has to be Q21 at CHS HR when 1610 flips an alliance partner onto the batter for the challenge.

Pleasure to have 2619 be a part of this match! That was gracious professionalism at its finest.

First quaterfinal 3 vs 6 at PNW Mt. Vernon. Focus on 5495 in auto, nearest blue robot.

My favorite match of the third weekend was Semi Finals 1 Match 2 ( at the IN District Walker Warren event:

With 18 seconds left in the match (about 3:35 into the video), 868 pushes their team mate 1720 onto the batter and the 868, 1024, 1720 alliance wins the match 167 to 150 (had the push failed, the match would have been lost).

Our team (868) had suffered some damage throughout the competition that prevented us from crossing the ramparts limiting our alliances auton score. During the start of the match we became entangled with our alliance partner 1720 and 1720 was damaged and was essentially in a disabled state. Thankfully our third partner (team 1024) performed solidly as normal and kept us in the game.

Alliance 4 of captain 1701 and teams 5053 and 2048 against alliance 1 of captain 1481 and teams 123 and 5756.

I will let you watch it to see what happens.

I meant no disrespect. I thought the match was exciting.

You had a more exciting match that wasn’t decided by tragedy.

Would have been 5 million times more exciting if your alliance partner had been able to right themselves in time to finish the match after they tipped over. I would agree that it was exciting!