Most blue banners in one season?

I was browsing the TBA insights page, when I saw that 118 has got 7(!) blue banners this season:

I know there are teams that won 6 blue banners in years before (254, 2767 and 4613 in 2017, 4003 and 3357 in 2018 for example), but never 7! Has there ever been another team to win this amount of banners in a single season?


1114 pulled it off in 2008.


This stat is partially pay-to-win
I’d opt for the banner/events ratio


I looked on all of the insights pages until that time and it seems you’re correct! That’s insane!


This includes zero banners from “extra” events (1 regional, 3rd district)


There is a caveat to this, last I checked. 1114 in 2008 also received a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award banner per TBA, but in 2008 it wasn’t given out. That was a 2015 (?) change, meaning at the time 1114 “only” received six banners that season. Still an absurd feat for the time, and even now.

I believe 118 now has the most of all time properly with seven.


In talking with 118 mentors at Champs, what’s also impressive is that the team could sleep in their own beds each night for all but 1 event. Nice to be a Houston team.
Im curious what their travel expenses were this year. I’m guessing ours was literally 10x more, per team member.


I can’t imagine the travel expenses for a Hawaiian team. Being from Michigan, where our 2 qualifiers were less than a half hour drive, and our State Champs is only about 2 and a half, I couldn’t even fathom flying for more than 1 event in a season.


I can tell you, its a lot.
I get comments that at least we have 1 event in Hawaii, so it helps.
Actually, it doesnt. Hawaii is later during the season and costs a lot for just a single event. We have to ship it round trip from a previous event.
Our largest cost is the time not having our robot due to transit.


Would it be possible/feasible to move the Hawaii Regional to week 1 or 2? That would help teams that attend multiple events a lot, right?

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We’ve been asking for years. Other Hawaii teams would support it.
However, issue is the venue availability at the University of Hawaii. Its actually a very good venue and probably the best one we attended this year. Tough either way for us.


Definitely an interesting benefit for District teams that I never realized.

The max amount of blue banners for regional teams (assuming 2 events) is 9:


2 Winner, WFFA, Impact, Division Winner, Impact Finalist, WFA, Championship Winner, Championship Impact.

However, the max amount of blue banners for district teams (assuming 2 events) is 12:


2 Winner, WFFA, Impact, District Champs Division Winner, District Championship Impact, District Championship Winner, Division Winner, Impact Finalist, WFA, Championship Winner, Championship Impact.

Edit: Thanks @Dominick_Ferone For the correction on WFFA and WFA!


Also districts make it a bit easier. As you can more easily attend multiple districts with less travel.

Plus district champs having divisions also add another banner.

Technically on both you could add WFFA and WFA.

In Israel the entire district is 2 events plus a district championship with no divisions

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That’s fair, many districts as they got larger included divisions.
In theory as Israel grows, they may one day move to a two district champs.

How many teams are in a standard dcmp division?

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Israel definitely has 4 district events not 2…

It varies by district; there is no standard as far as I know, although districts tend to keep their divisions the same size unless the district changes significantly.

In 2023, Michigan, Ontario, and Texas had 40 teams per division, and New England had 45. Last year, New England had 39, Ontario had no divisions, and Michigan/Texas had 40.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear
Each teams attends only 2 out of the 4 events