Most Chairman's wins

The most regional wins thread has me interested in who is the team that has the most Chairman’s wins at a regional? I know that this year 1108 got their 7th Chairman’s title this year but has anyone surpassed that?

341, 365, and 359 all come to mind. Of course, the X-Cats (191) are the only team to win Champs Chairmans twice.

Another interesting one would be “who has the most RCA wins but no Champs Chairmans”. For that one, 340 would be one of the highest, they’ve won every year at FLR since 2006 or 2007 iirc.

I know 1114 has a large amount of them. I forget the exact figure, though.

Honestly, they’re due for the CCA, in my opinion.

How do we factor in the district Chairman’s Awards? In order to qualify for the Championship event with Chairman’s in Michigan, you need to win it at a district event, then re-win at States. Does this count as 2 or 1 Chairman’s?

234, 340, and 1108 have 7 chairmans without a championship chairmans. 1114 has 6.

236 had 7 chairmans, before they won the championship chairmans in 2009.

Not sure how to count 27 and 503, but they both have a lot too.

RCA started in 2002.

MOE only won it 4 times at a regional before winning it at Championship in 07 (so 5 total). 5 RCA and 1 CA each for 341 & 359.

236, the Techno Ticks, probably have the most: 7 RCA (6 consecutive at CT) and then at the 09 Championship (to the relief of everyone who submits at CT)

This is a difficult metric to make any determinations: obviously, any team to win an RCA is a great team, and they can win a lot more RCAs in the future. CCAs essentially disqualify you from ever earning a D/R/CCA ever again (191 grabbed two CCAs before the 3 year rule was in effect, and before FRC exploded) and you are, by definition, one of the greatest teams of all time. DCAs are also strong teams because their award is a result of a populous, thriving area for FRC, so you can’t discount those.

I guess you could use D/RCAs as a predictor for CCAs… You have a very thin layer of >5 RCA teams. Multiple teams have 3-5 (1086 come to mind for me).

I’d hope for the sake of every great FLR/GTR team that 1114 and 340 get a CCA soon or they hand out more than one RCA at those venues. Never presenting for CCA, I guess I have a hard time understanding why we only get to pick one CCA when there ARE JUST SO MANY AWESOME TEAMS. I’m not even on the teams and I want them to have the award before they can’t work on their bots because the shop is covered in blue banners (though it would be a glorious and envious inconvenience to have)

Personally, I think it should stay at 1 at CMP.
However, I have heard of talks that that may possibly change.

If a team is that great year in and year out, whether they get it this year, or the next, or the next…they eventually will.

There is about 2 or 3 teams at most, that have a realistic shot at it…and they know who they are!:slight_smile:

I believe 340 is the only team to have won five in a row, too. Can anyone verify or negate that?

Here’s a list of current 2012 winners and total number of wins. It gets confusing with the new Districts. I wasn’t sure how to rank them, so I put all in the total column. There is the new District Chairman’s award, but that doesn’t clarify the past.


234 has 7 total (thanks Chris F.)

2012 Chairmans Award Winners.xls (26.5 KB)

2012 Chairmans Award Winners.xls (26.5 KB)

Interesting fact: If we had won the Chairman’s a third time FIRST would have let us keep the clock for good. We were a finalist for Chairman’s in '96 so we came close to keeping it (though I have no idea where we would have put it @ 30 Hart).

The past two years 694 has won the chairman’s at CT. I guess the judges like to keep the same teams winning. :smiley: :smiley:

1114 has 6 total, 5 consecutive (WAT 06, WAT 08, GTR 09, WAT 10, GTRE 11, GTRE 12).

IMO: They’re LONG overdue for a CCA. I can think of very few teams as storied and who do as much as they do for the betterment of the program at ALL levels that don’t already have a CCA.

The Michigan structure was set up to try and maintain the same number of teams representing the state at the CHP for robot performance, awards and RCA’s. So I think it would be reasonable to equate the three Michigan State CA’s to Regional CA’s. Prior to FiM, there were 3 MI regionals so there are 3 CA’s from the state CHP. With team growth, I don’t know if there is a plan to increase this number in future years.

I don’t know if the MAR structure is that same way.

MAR will be awarding two Chairman’s Awards at the Regional Championship, which is equal to the number awarded by the two Regional events it is replacing (Philadelphia and New Jersey).

79 won five in a row from 2002 to 2007 and they have a total of 6 ranking them second amongst teams that haven’t won a CMP Chairman’s based on information from above.

I can’t wait to see a four digit team win Chairmans at championships.

Which gets me a bit curious, sorry if this is a bit off topic, are the regionals supposed to play the Chairmans videos? Both at San Diego and Hawaii did they not play it this year. They played it in 2010 when we won it for the first time however.

236 won 7 at New England events (Granite State, UTC New England, UTC Connecticut, and Connecticut are the official event names–I’m pretty sure that other than GSR (2003), they’re all CT) from 2003 to 2009, then won the CCA in '09. To win seven, you must first win 5…

San Diego played 1538’s video this year. Or at least those of us on the webcast saw it.

Ours was played at NYC last year, but then it wasn’t played at CMP.