Most common rules violations

What do you think the most common rule violations will be at Week 1 regionals?

My picks (in order) are:
1: Teams not realizing they need belay points even if they’re not climbing
2: Teams not having designed their robots well enough to be removed from the pyramid unpowered and from the ground
3: Bumper rules. They’re simpler this year, but there is still a lot of confusion out there.

I agree with 1 and 2 (as an inspector, #1 worries me the most!), but I’m not so sure about 3. The bumper rules are the most relaxed we’ve ever seen them, which should help teams pass. From my read, there’s nothing in them that would surprise teams after having to get compliant last year.

Teams sending human player to game field without the robot inspected.:ahh:

In all my years of Team Que I’ve only seen it happen once.
Bumping into teams while they are at their tower and in their loading zone will happen quite frequently on day one till teams learn to stay away. It should be less evident on day two.
You will probably see teams get busted often for herding, carrying too many Frisbees and human players getting busted for throwing Frisbees over the wall too early and touching the Frisbees during Autonomous.

Hmm, well, in addition to extra pool noodles and bumper material, will add large eye bolts to the list of inspector supplies.

I’m going to go with the belay points for #1 as well. I seem to remember a few trailer hitch (and flag holder, for those of you who were around 2006-2008) quick builds–despite those items being required in the rules from day 1.

#2 will be, yet again, bumper issues. Not necessarily the “non-spec bumper” variety, but the “bumper not on perimeter” variety.

#3: contact with a robot in a protected zone. This isn’t #1 because it will largely disappear after Day 1 of any given event, and greatly diminish after Week 2, as teams figure out just how bad the penalty is and how to avoid it by playing smart defense.

Starting size
Playing size
Bumper size

From an inspection standpoint:

  • Belay points
  • Bumpers
  • Weight (although possibly less than usual, since the size has gone down and the max weight hasn’t)

The one I’m most afraid of is perimeter violations from teams that have 28x38 locked into their brain, since that’s basically a “start over” problem. It got airtime at kickoff and has been widely publicized, so hopefully no one will do it, but if they do that’s catastrophic.

In gameplay, I’m expecting a rash of contact in a non-contact zone fouls.

More like didn’t read the rules like far too many teams so often do.

Rule Violations:
Belay points (People in the camp fo shooting probably will never read hanging rules.)
Bumpers, specifically having 8in. on each external corner, not including bumper overlap.

Game rule violations:
Safe zones. A lot of drive teams will probably stumble over once or twice and those will be brutal to points at their first few matches.
Human player frisbee violations. This includes both touching them in autonomous and flinging them too early. Also will be corrected in the first few matches.
Driving over a frisbee and then being in active control of multiple frisbees. If designed improperly, it will be relatively easy to catch a frisbee under a wheel and then be skidding all over the place.

With the recent Q&A response for belay points, I would be willing to bet you won’t be allowed to practice without them on the robot. Some venues may let you drive and shoot but not climb.
You will not pass inspection without them.
Even with the new bumper rules, at least 25% of Week 1,2 and yes even week 3 teams will not have compliant bumpers. The good news, all rookies will have at least the right materials.

[G07], hands down. Now, I’m not saying that will be the most common punished violation, but will certainly be the most common occurrence. I expect any Week 1 attendee (or any volunteer ever) knows what I mean.

After that, the [R10] belay points and then bumper rules. Then [G37] and illegal Human Player actions, then [G30] protected robot contact. I also foresee problems with [G27] pyramid contact, as well as issues with rules on allowable actuators and requirements for using new options.

I’m not overly concerned with [G04] unpowered removal in this context, because the number of teams that attempt it at all will bring down the prevalence sufficiently. (Now, within teams that try it, that’s another story. The same with potential 84" robot violating G22.) Over-possession with [G24] also doesn’t worry me too much, given the way teams traditionally behave when they get a piece stuck and that many teams ill-prepared for this won’t do much deliberate disc manipulation anyway.

Depends on what you consider “significant delay.”

I’m not sure if it was just me, but this 54" cylinder looks like it could be broken very simply, and not just by climbing (which I think the update to the latest team update fixed). a 54" cylinder is not much space to work with, unlike a 54" box.

“or” (not “and”) repeated. That said, I don’t know how it’ll be called. Based on the Blue Box, there’d be a lot of cards floating around at Week 1 events… (something tells me this won’t actually happen… at the very least it will be called as “and”.)

This and the 54" cylinder are the ones I’m most interested in understanding how calls will work. Well, that and when discs will be replaced. <<prays to Q&A gods for answer>>

It’s out there now. I’ll save you the trouble of looking. It basically boils down to, “whenever someone thinks it’s too damaged”. (That someone being field sup, field reset, ref, FTA, …)

Except for years before 2008 when you weren’t required to have bumpers.
Oh the glory days.

Yeah, Q216* is the one I asked. Ah well. The coach in me wishes they’d actually pay attention to things like this, particularly after Worlds last year. The ref in me realizes that it’s basically just opening up another avenue for teams to argue field faults. Still, I hope they at least discuss it in training and clarify whether Elims starts with new discs to proffer some sort of attempt at consistency.

*Seriously, 216? I realize I’m contributing to this, but wow.