Most creative battery mounts

It seems to me that many people are “generic” in ways in which the battery is mounted. This makes sense because there are only so many ways that battery can be mounted safely. However, what are some of the most creative ways you have seen battery mounted on the robot?

Also, I really didn’t know which category to post this. It just made the most sense to put it under electrical.

We are currently using a custom made one that holds the battery in all sides with a door on one side to take the battery in and out
Super stable and also gives access point to electrical


We took inspiration last year and also this year from that concept!


How much of a pain is that to swap?

We’ve done something like this for the past few years.

It’s simple to make and works well. Add some padding, and it’s very secure. Perhaps not the most creative solution, but it works.

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We had the swap time down to about 45 seconds. One to two people tip the robot back as pictured, and then the plate holding the battery in is secured with (4) 1/4"-20 button head screws, which we undo with a DeWalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver that we found has just enough torque to secure the screws without over tightening. Then its just a matter of unplugging and letting the battery slide out and then sliding the new one in, and re-securing the cover.

I actually had a bet with @Libby_K about whether the battery would ever fall out mid-match, and happy to report that the battery never fell out and I won the bet!


+1 for Velcro, we use it basically every year and it works a treat!

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I wish I had a picture of it, but my team in 2018 had their battery laying down on it’s side, on top of a piece of sailcloth with a handle that, when pulled, would bring the battery up and out of the receptacle. Similar to how some battery powered devices have a ribbon to remove AA’s from deep receptacles.

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Keeping ours simple this year. We try to use a bent piece of polycarbonate every year in some way.


We had to squeeze the battery between our intake and drivetrain this year to move our CoM more to the front so we don’t tip. It has about 1/4 inch clearance in either direction. Screenshot_2020-02-21-09-50-17~2

I did that my senior year and I still get given a hard time about it.

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For a few years when I was a student we had some funny ideas regarding hinging a mechanism to reach the battery…

2016, our entire electrical panel hinged upwards and we used a kickstand to hold it up - kind of like a car hood! Under there we had a battery “cage” (imagine @AriMB 's battery holder but rotated 90 degrees and a little taller.

2017, our gear holding mechanism (passive and full-width FTW) was on hinges and you could remove some pins and rotate it up to access the battery that was held directly underneath it.

We uh, had an interesting battery position in 2014.

That is on top of our motor controllers (original Talons with short fans), nested into our drive motors for retention.

We do this. I don’t have pictures but we’ve made fabric harnesses that make it easy to pull out the battery.

This year it’s a standard drop-in battery cage but mounted at a 45 degree angle at the front of the robot.

We figured that if the seat belt. Could keep me safe the battery would be no problem


In 2017, we stored all of the electronics underneath the bellypan of the robot, and for the battery mount, there was a sheet metal U on the back and a velcro strap to hold it in place.


while it never came to fruition, I’ve always wanted to see this implemented into a robot design for real. (end of the page)



Don’t forget we’ve re-upped for 2020. :wink:


Lol this seems like a topic for my team. Last year, also our rookie year, we used bungee cords to hold it down.