most "epic" motor ever

having seen motors from years past, i have seen some beastly ones. like the van door and the minibike cim.

so, What in your is the most epic motor ever included in the KOP?

I’d have to say that the Globe motor was the most versatile motor we used to get, the Cim is by far the best we get now.

CIM 'nuff said

The new FP and the RS-755-18 are, currently, the most powerful “smaller than a 2.5” cim" class motors.

if we expand it beyond the KOP and FIRST, this gets my vote.:smiley: :cool: :eek: :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a kit that lets you use as many CIMs and Globes as you want, and no other motors. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The 2011 Fisher Price Motor. With enough speed to get air over the armature it is a beast.

Why were the globes ever ruled out?

i think in an ideal world we would have 4 cims, 4 FP, 4 window motors.

+1. In that case, this year we’d have 8 CIMs on the drivetrain, one for the lift, and two globes on the roller gripper. :wink:

CIMs & Globes have been bulletproof.

So far the 775s are holding up, we got lucky with 4 good ones out of 6.

Those were poseurs.

The van door motors were good in that they were the largest worm geared motors available, but they were only around 70 W output. And when it came down to using the worm gear for holding something in place, you quickly discovered that they could be backdriven one of two ways: either because the plastic worm gear’s efficiency was too high, or because you’d stripped the teeth off of that aforementioned plastic gear.

Similarly, the minibike motors (CIM FP801-005/Fisher-Price) were only about 270 W. Regular (smaller) CIMs are more powerful.

My vote is for the Bosch drill motors in the kits in 2003 and 2004 (Bosch 2 607 022 078/Scintilla). Their output was 448 W, with a free speed of 19 760 rev/min. If it weren’t for the tricky mounting points, the 0.7 module gear and the fragile and exposed electrical connections, they’d be perfect…

In fact, the only other motors to approach that kind of performance were the incredible self-destructing Fisher-Prices from 2005 (the Mabuchi 74550-0642, which was designed for 6 V, but given to us to run at 12 V with 407 W output power).

Well, if you were looking for beastly, it looks like that was answered above.

However, I really miss the keyag motors. I don’t know much about their power outuput, but it was definitely more than the densos we have now. Also, globes were great! You could use them for just about any sort of manipulator.

I know everyone hates them but I really like denso window motors when used correctly. Non-backdriving and low rpm thanks to the integrated worm gear drive.

Everything else, FP and CIM.

Never had an issue with a CIM or globe. Stripped, deformed, burned out, thermal tripped, or broke the leads on nearly everything else.:rolleyes:

What he said, although we have managed to push CIM’s to the frying point before (4 wheel long-config skid drive. The nightmares of watching it try to turn…)

That was a fun year. We didn’t figure out the design voltage difference until we were already committed to using two of them in an xrp transmission. It was fun finding out they were 4 times more powerful then we had anticipated.

It’s a miracle we didn’t kill them, or the transmission.

Totally agree. they are definitely one of my favorites. I really like that the Denso gives you an output speed that you can easily work with, there are no massive reductions to deal with in most cases.

My team has a bit of Tim Taylor in them so “just put a CIM on it” can be heard just about every day.


My favorite motor was the fifth CIM we got in 2010. It added a really cool twist to the game.

I’m really liking the RS775-18 thus far. Seems plenty powerful, takes to stalling pretty well (better than an FP) and if it weren’t for the transmissions being nearly impossible to get, I’d say they are the best motor in the KOP this year.

One year it’d be nice if FIRST gave us a list of Motors we could use with the only restriction on quantity being a total maximum power output. (Sum of all motor power can’t exceed 2000W or something.) That’d be interesting.

Or they could say “Each motor must have exactly 1 breaker, have fun”.

*You can’t have gigantic motors because the max. current per motor is limited by the 40a breakers
*You can’t have too many large motors because you only have 8 40a breakers
*You can’t have a ridiculous number of motors with 30a or 20a breakers, because you only have so many 30a slots as well, and a few things also use those breakers (like the cRio modules).

Favorite motors:
CIM motors are awesome for high-power things like drivetrains.
FP or 550 motors are awesome for high power but more predictably-loaded things (such as arms) or high power, light weight things (like roller claws or other high-up mechanisms)

An AMP or CIM-U-LATOR makes the FP or 550 think it’s a CIM.

I would be very happy to just have those two motors. Most things would use a CIM interface, and the limited number of CIMs could be distributed, and the rest could get FP or 550’s through CIM-U-LATORs. Anything without a CIM interface would accept a FP or 550 directly.

to your team, anything that can be mounted to a dewalt tranny is fair game :smiley: