Most epic supercell shot?

I was just wondering about any epic supercell shots. If you heard about one let us know. Also a lot of videos are on the blue alliance website. So let us know what regional and what match they happended in.

One sweet one happend at the very end of this match. It was a quarterfinal at the Arizona Regional. It was a half court+ shot that went from the corner past the opposite outpost. The buzzer went off while the supercell was in the air…I saw it live and thought it was pretty epic. The throw comes from the right side of the screen about 2:10 into the video.

1676 threw a really awesome one. I think it was at the end of QF1-2. Our HP was throwing it from the home fueling station- it went up!..and hit the projectors hanging from the ceiling. Suffice it to say, it didn’t score…but it was one of the funniest things all year.

To everyone at the Boilermaker regional, I don’t think I need to say more.

To everyone else watch the final match of the competition. It was defiantly epic.

Sorry to the poor guy from 234 :frowning: that sank the winning shot for the other team.

There were two epic shots I saw

They were both at GTR

Most epic good shot: match 3 finals
Most epic bad shot: Last two seconds a guy threw a super cell and it hit the wall barrier and bounced back and hit him in the face.

lol nice i wish i saw it:P

At the Florida regional, in the last seconds of the match a human player chucks a super cell across the entire court and come short by about 4 feet…

But it bounced off the ground, a robot, and the center post of the goal ending up in the goal winning the match… i was watching it from the stands and couldn’t believe this guys luck

An epic supercell shot from the Palmetto regional came from our throw. Last 5 seconds of the match our thrower chucked one halfway across the field and put it in the trailer pushing our winning score to 104. It was epic!

Dallas regional. Semi 1 Match 1, From the far right corner. 1742’s human player makes a half court shot to win the match. it goes into the red trailer by the far outpost. Last five seconds.


Sure it went into the wrong trailer, but the shot was AMAZING! He is such a good HP.

Seattle Regional and I believe our alliance partners were 3070 and 1510 (Wild Cats). It was in the final seconds and the shooter of the WildCats lets loose a long shot super cell from the far leftand makes it which helped us pull ahead and win the round :yikes:

I came and visited BMR on saturday… even though my team won b/c of it even I felt bad for the 234 guy.

I couldnt believe it when I saw it happen… I saw it fly from the blue station and thought ‘ok, thats it, we’re done for.’ then I noticed the trailer was green over red…

You still rock 234 human. Hope you guys are going to Atlanta and have good luck!


Match 3 finals, Blue leading for the upset. Supercell bounces off another robot and into Blue trailer 2 seconds left. Red wins 97 - 90 and wins GTR. One of the best finishes I have seen but seeing that I am on Team 188, one of the worst at the same time.

“We will not speak of this again.”

Cyber Blue earned their invitation to the FRC Championship this year with a Regional Chairman’s Award in DC. Oh, and they won the robot competition there too. :slight_smile:

This is the only mistake I have seen him make. His shooting percentage has to be in the high 80’s if not 90’s.

234 still has the “big one” to go after in ATL, trust me, they’ll be a contender.

I agree. Word of advice for teams competing against 234, stay far away from their human player.

We have actually had a lot of team discussion on “that match” and “that shot”.

Bottom line is the red alliance won the match and the regional 2 -1. Blue alliance got outscored in 2m:15s of play, not in the last 2 seconds.

Our HP took the shot because the match was very close, and we could not take the risk on the real time scoring accuracy. That is part of the excitement of competition.

And, we have already said, in the same situation again, take that shot. We have a lot of faith and confidence in his judgement and his ability.

Funny things is, half of my team (461) didn’t know he had scored on our alliance when it happened… :o
As everyone else that was there has said, he made a great shot. That super cell went straight in, no bouncing around.
He was the best HP at Boilermaker (Wildstang’s HP gets a honorable mention) and I’ll bet he will redeem himself in Atlanta.

Regardless, it was great to see my team to have a chance to play with teams 234 and 45, and congrats again to 1024, 868, and 292. I wish all of them good luck at the Championships, only wish I could be going with them.

I have an EPIC FAIL supercell shot.

One that came in the last 2 seconds, immidiatly after the only empty cell in the thrower’s vacinty has been thrown by him.

Watch at: from 2:07

Final score was 66:65 to the Red alliance that got scored by the super cell.

I saw that shot I was standing right behind him. It was soooo amazing!!! He must have hit it with a lot of power for it too have bounced.

At FLR, Quarter Final 3 Match 1,(Red) 191,173 ,1503 VS (Blue) 1511, 316, 340.

Blue is down 62 to 83 in the closing seconds. 1503 gets tied up with 1511 and 1511 makes a nice move to pin and 340 moves in behind to fully pin them.

340 Human player, drains TWO super cells on 1503, one of which bounced in off the top of 1511’s trailer to win the match 92-83. It was epic.

I’ll work on getting a video up. You Rock Ben!