Most Exciting Game to Game Announce?

I wanted to get a general idea from other GAs and CD members alike. This is only my second year officially announcing and after two events(RIDE & North Shore), I’m still very excited about this game! It’s very fast-paced and easy to ramp up the excitement at a moments notice especially compared to 2015’s snoozefest. Although, if I do another event, I may need a neck brace from swivelling back and forth so much.

So what are some thoughts from the previously experienced? Which game was your favorite to announce or hear announced?

Based on my experience, I could see years like 2004, 2006, 2007, & 2010 - 2014 containg great feats of play-by-play.

At an offseason CT event in 2014, a local radio DJ (Fisch from 104.1 WMRQ if anyone cares) came by to promote their station and MC a few matches. It was rather entertaining to see how many “blue balls” jokes he could make during any one match.

Game Announcing for Recycle Rush was, like, so amazing. “1-2-3-4-5-6! There’s another 42 point stack…”

Seems like as long as there is a fairly constant stream of things happening, it seems like it’s an interesting game to announce and watch.

“3,2,1 Rush! Oh my! Team x has grabbed all 4 containers from the middle zone! Alright, the match is decided, we’re done here. I’m y, signing off, congrats to Einstein winners team X.”
-How I imagined Recycle Rush at the highest level at the start of the season

From my experience (2013-2016), I’d say that 2013 and 2014 were pretty exciting games, as dynamic game objects or really fast robots are both exciting to watch and commentate on.

The game announcer on the Hopper field did a fantastic job announcing Recycle Rush.

I also think he did the MSC.

If you’re thinking of Tom Nader, he could probably do color commentary on grass growing and make it look interesting.

Well, the commentary of whoever was holding the camera on the blue alliance video of Final 2 on Hopper last year was… interesting… (This was the match where 987 got it’s can grabbers snagged.)

Between SCRIW and in-season events, I’ve game announced every game since 2011. (Oh, and 2006 once.)

2012 was really nice, because there was action with the shooting and peril with the bridges–but not peril of the jack-up-your-whole-robot nature like in 2013.

2014 was fun because it did follow the more sport-oriented model. The field lights also made it easy to follow along.

As much as I hated the game, 2015 was actually not terrible to game announce at the level of play we saw in South Carolina. There was still a good bit of tension and teams were still screwing up enough to make it lively.

This game, though? I had too much fun doing UNC Asheville, and I can’t wait for SCRIW!

Mr. Nader makes packing an FTC trailer exciting.

You got that right. Best commentary in FRC!