Most Expensive Part to Never Make a Robot


I see they live!

SLS metal–I don’t recall exactly what, I’ll have to ask my Dad–for the core–this is a crisp picture, you can see the print lines. Slight issues with bending the flanges while loading the axles as I recall.
Steel pins for the axles
Polycarb rollers (I think? It’s been a while)

Hub for a VEX square shaft (Actually, the EDUBot, bonus guru points if you know what that was).

Built: Fall 2003, tested on a small robot at some point that fall or the following spring/fall. The wheel I posted was built spring 2005.

And other than on intakes, 330 never once fielded a mecanum wheel. (You could make the argument they never fielded a non-tank drivetrain… but it’s an argument.) After a robot built to handle either mecanum or 6WD wins champs on 6WD, you don’t really go back…



We bought a coral edge TPU and a pi 4 8 gb at inflated 2022 prices for cargo recognition ended up not using them.

Most years, we either catch our bad ideas early enough or we’re taking the sawzall to them in the pits. Not much in between.

The one that sticks out the most was in 2018, where we bought several 1.125" bore cylinders to do a robot lifter concept we scrapped in week 4 or 5 of build season when we determined “wait, that can’t fit in the frame perimeter”. Easily a couple hundred bucks to Automation Direct, offset slightly by their very kind voucher.

Our 2nd hab 3 climber design was a pair of wedges on the front of the robot and a extremely long lead screw actuator. I think we had a student spend the entirety of a Saturday meeting machining the tubes just to find out it was going to put us overweight (plus we kept sliding on the HDPE).

“Most Expensive Part to Never Make a Robot”

That would be the Mentor that is not hands on. :crazy_face:

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Pro tip on the Pis: McMaster usually gets a batch in stock every few months at basically MSRP.

Keep in mind you are also competing with me and a bot soo…


looks like a 33% or so markup on rPi4 8gb with a 6 week wait.


Better than the Amazon 100% markup.

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Yeah, 100% or more. I ordered a couple. I have some projects backing up.

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