Most Fun Match this Year?

What was your favorite match this year your team participated in, for any reason?

For me, it was Colorado Q45. Our alliance partners in that match, 1011 and 4550, were the same alliance partners with which we had won the Colorado Regional the previous year. It was fun to be able to be on the same alliance for that match and win again one year later!

Another close favorite was Utah Q18. I still don’t know how all six of those teams ended up in the same match, but it was so much fun to see some of the best go up against more of the best.

I think my favorite match of the year was Semis 2 Match 3 in Hub City.

With a close second being Qual 41 on Newton. Winning a match by one point is always awesome.

Similarly, I liked our 1 point win in quals 17. We got to run an auto that was built pretty much just for that match.

Q70 in the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes regional by far. I was driving and knew it would be a really tough match as we were against the best gear bot in our regional, 4536. I asked our head scout “never tell me the odds”, but his excel spreadsheet said 50.5% win. We won 308-305. Fuel matters I guess, if 5434
hadn’t gotten 3 KPa we would have tied.

Without a doubt, it would have to be Newton Semis 1 Match 1 and Match 2. We were up against the 118/1678 combo and lacked a solid fuel shooter, so our alliance just went out there to play our best. Everyone on the alliance was amazing and proud of where we got to, and it was a perfect way to finish the season. (Plus it technically means that we were a part of the highest scoring match)


Oh boy, I dont think i can choose just one…

There was a match at our first district event where the peg hit our limit switch mechanism for stopping the robot too hard, so it was always “hit.” our driver had the quick thinking to use our reverse driving button which made it think backwards was disabled instead.

The eliminations at our fist district event with 3238 and 4104 is by far one of my favorite eliminations we have even been a part of. Both teams were great to work with and we sailed to the finals, though issues prevented us from winning it was an amazing time.

At DCMP, Match 56 was awesome. First time seeing a hopper auto, and it was 4488’s first try at it no less. Match 70 also comes to mind, quickest 4 rotor we have gotten. We also became a backup robot at DCMP (2 for 2 now, boith with 4488!) and while that didnt go how we hoped it would, it was still an amazing match to be out there for.

Was the strategy for blue that match just not let 118/330 get 4 ranking points?

This year we had a lot of really fun matches but my personal favorite was Qual 97 on Carson Field where we got the 4 rotor bonus, KPA bonus, and we ran a double hopper auto with 2451 PWNAGE. We also played with team 5024 Raider Robotics, who we later first picked in alliance selection. Overall just a very clean match and if it was playoffs it would have outscored a few Einstein matches.

As far as I can tell. Both outer pegs were blockaded for nearly the entire match.
If the center peg got bent or impaled a gear, we probably would have scored even lower. (That’s why I yanked up the right side peg about halfway through the match)

I’m gonna have to go with Einstein Finals Match 2 :wink:

Central Illinois quarterfinal 4-2. The whole thing was a tight race, and it was finally won on a clutch climb after the buzzer. It was also our first time winning a playoff match since 2013, so that’s​ nice.

(we lost the round though)

I still watch that match once a week, here’s hoping we get an encore at IRI.

This is definitely a difficult choice, but 1425’s most exciting match was probably Carver Quarterfinals Match 1-2.

The #8 alliance consisting of teams 5468, 1425, and 1937 geared up against The #1 alliance starring 1690 and 971 alongside team 2974. 1425 and 1937 blitzed and went all-out on gears while 5468 played tough defense for most of the match. Our alliance managed to get enough gears to spin up the fourth rotor with about 30 seconds remaining, however up until about 20 seconds left we didn’t spin our third our fourth rotors to try and confuse the other alliance. After the twelfth gear was delivered team 1425 trapped 2974 near the blue airship for about 20 seconds to try and keep them from climbing. The red alliance ended up putting their 12th gear on the rotor-train about one second after the match ended and team 2974 was unable to climb capping off a 395-354 blue alliance victory. Defeating some of the best teams in the world was an honor for our alliance even though we were eliminated in the next match. Unfortunately the official match video has not been uploaded to tba, but this video ( contains some highlights of the match, and the reactions of the blue alliance.


Finals 3at the FiM Shepherd District Event and Qualification Match 56on Darwin were my favorites to play this year.

I got a good kick out of our QF1-1 on Daly.
Half way through the match we spear the gear with the peg. The pilots tried to get it off by standing on the peg assembly and pulling on the gear. The last time this happened he got it off and the spring made a loud snap as it happened. This time it was stuck on for good. At the end of the match you can see them put the gear in the chain and work the peg around the rotor stand as it spun. It was a great adjustment on the fly to make it happen.

Our most exciting match was definitely QF 2-1 on Tesla, with a finish about as tight as you can get (take the lead by 1 point in the last half-second).

Alliance 4 on Tesla was a pleasure to play with, they definitely deserved to take the division, and I’m glad my last set of matches as a student on the team was such an exciting 3-game series.

The most fun in a match I’ve had in a long time was QF1-1 at the Orlando regional. 59 had a great strategy that I figured might work. I went into the match expecting to lose (because we were going up against 180 and 4481) and the whole time was just a lot of fun. 180’s coach basically taught our driver how to play defense so it was interesting to see their own tactics to be used against them.

The next 2 matches were also extremely fun, though the 1st was the best

For me, probably Finals 1 at the Bayou Regional. It was the first time since 2013 Bacon’s made it to finals, and it was my first time playing in finals as a drive team member. Just the experience and thrill of playing in a finals (and winning a match) was so awesome and fun that it can’t NOT be my favorite set of personal matches of the year.

That would have to be either SVR quarterfinals 4 match 2 or Roebling quarterfinals 2 match 2. We entered both matches down 0-1 and up against alliances that had appeared stronger than us in the first match. In both cases, we were prepared for the match to be our last one of the season, but in both cases we managed to pull unexpected 4th rotors and take a narrow win.

At SVR we had previously been unable to finish even half of the 4th rotor train but in match 2 were able to come back and win due to a more offensive strategy and a climbing failure on the other side. We ended up winning the series.

On Roebling we were up against an alliance with the powerhouse shooter 1574. We knew that even with a 4-rotor triple climb we would likely lose the match on fuel points. Yet we ended up winning by pulling off the 2-rotor auto and getting lucky when the opposing kPa only reached 38; we won the match by only 2 points and ended up winning the series.