Most Goals Scored in Autonomous?

The finals for the Los Angeles Regional pitted the #1 alliance (330, 1717, 1452) against the #3 alliance (294, 968, 980). The first match started with a bang, with 9 balls scored in autonomous! Here’s the video of Finals Match #1, courtesy of The Blue Alliance. The match ended in a 12-12 tie.

Were there any higher autonomous scores this year?

In one of our qualification matches in Colorado, our autonomous scored 4/5 balls

Did any alliance ever get 6?

Would have been nice to, uh, you know, see the whole field do autonomous, but that’s my pet peeve. :slight_smile:

This is a good example to point out that the “official” screen video is a record of what happens on the field, not for artful closeup shots. Here it is, only a few weeks after the fact and we have no idea who or how those nine points were scored. Before I looked at the video, I wondered – did a single robot kick six balls? Or maybe six robots kick nine? Now I am still wondering. No record to show it.

Sorry for getting on my soapbox, David. It’s not your fault. I really would have liked to see how it was done.

To end on a more positive note, to kick a ball was a simple autonomous task, yet did take a lot of work to pull off. The robots that were able to kick three balls in the far zone, jump the bump, and kick two more were great.

i don’t think that that is even possible… you can only score 6 without getting a penalty for crossing the mid-line… the only way you could score more than 6 is with a careless shot by the opposing alliance that goes into your side of the field… the only thing is, you need to have some awesome programing

1676, 1986, and 1421 got 5 autonomous balls in the Curie Eliminations. I dont remember which match it was, but I definitely remember it happened. Hehe.

I’ve seen matches where all 12 balls hit the chains, but I think you’d have to do that 100 times to get one match where all 12 go in.

There are six balls on your side of the white lines, 1 in close zone + 2 in middle zone + 3 in far zone. If all 6 go in in autonomous via many different possible options, then it is possible for an alliance to score 6.

You could calibrate a kicker to aim below the chains… Maybe if 1986 had a 5 auto and any random team had a single low auto, there would be a 6 score.

SemiFinal 2-1 on Curie

1986 hit 3 from the back

1676 hit 1 of 2 from the middle

1421 got the one in front

I think we had a 5-1 lead after auto and held that lead for a 13-9 victory against a very tough alliance (111, 1538, and 2630)

We have the video up on our YouTube channel, but I can’t check it from school. We’ve got YouTube blocked here. :frowning:

Here is the channel.

We got 4 once in the eliminations of Palmetto. The neat thing was that the near robot (1398) was running a 10 second delay, so when we missed our shots, but got them in from of the goal, they would run up and push them in.

Our low trajectory was indeed a big part of our frequent success in auto, but left a small margin for error in kicking strength. Unfortunately, our relatively slow bump crossing did not allow time for >3 auto.

Here is the video of that auto:

1986 and 1676 together were everyone’s worst autonomous nightmare.

The #1 seed on Galileo hit 5 in auto in our last match i believe…217 hit 3 from the far, 1086 hit 1 from mid, and 2429 hit 1 from the near

T’was a force to be reckoned with, along with 888 and 1421. We could not have done it without you.

We almost had it, too, eh? Hey, that silver medal still looks nice…

You guys lost by a double digit margin in both final matches… how was that close?

1592 would kick 5 balls, usually making 1-3 and had a high score of 4 during one match in Colorado.

No offense taken. I agree that the official video feed doesn’t allow viewers to see the game. I’ve griped about this for years, believe me.

In the LA finals match #1 video, at least the scoring graphic was shown. At the end of autonomous the score was 5-4, in favor of the red alliance. In the match, every ball was kicked by robots in the far- and mid-zones, with near-zone robots “cleaning-up” by driving into the goals after a 10-second pause.

I remember that we (2415) had a match at the quals for Newton that managed to score five balls in auto (one in front, two in middle, two from the back). We would have had six, but the third ball from the back just barely clipped our back bumper! D’oh!