Most Important Aspect of Game?

Here comes most important aspect of the game v2.0. have fun voting.

Really, if you can hang consistenly and your human player makes 5 or 6 balls, most of the time you have it won. :slight_smile:

The Multipliers
The Mobile Goal
Human Player Accuracy
Handling Small Balls

auto is only for strategy this year… not as important as last years auto…

Small Balls

If you’re really good with the small balls…then the multiplier goes up in importance. In qualification rounds the multiplier made little difference…but in the finals it decided most of the matches

A hanger will win most of their qualification matches…but you need something more if you go in the finals. Just pure hanging and herding would be a close call if you’re trying to win. (which I think everyone is)

Small balls defense and hardcore strategy seemed to do really well for us in philly



Though you can often win without a hang if you corral long enough.

I think I’m going to have to say hanging is the most important part. (And by hanging I mean being able to hang yourself as well as being able to stop your opponent from hanging.)

Basically, everything else is dependent. If you corral balls really well, you need a good human player in order for it to do you any good. You need both of those if the multiplier ball is going to be of any use to you. If you can knock the 10 point ball in auto, you do gain an advantage by releasing the balls early…but you still need to corral and score them.

Hanging= 50 points. Period.

Obviously it’s not quite that simple, but those are my two cents.

i think its pretty easy to do it all this year. I think hanging well is definately a plus, but only if u hang at the end. I kinda dont like the bots that just sit there and hang though whole match, whats the point?

at the beginning of the design…i thought hanging would be most important…now…i’d argue that small balls can make or break a game. it only takes 5 balls doubled to equal one robot hanging. i see teams getting 14 balls in the stationary goal (70) doubled is 140 points…more than two opponent robots hanging and you are still pretty set on ranking points (or is it qualifying points…i don’t know)

watching teams like 45, 111, 71, and 469 (sorry if i forgot anybody) at Chicago last week simply wowed me with their ball handling capability. good job guys! you changed one sceptic’s mind

I think I’m going to have to say hanging is the most important part. (And by hanging I mean being able to hang yourself as well as being able to stop your opponent from hanging.)

Basically, everything else is dependent. If you corral balls really well, you need a good human player in order for it to do you any good.

Not it your ally has a good HP. Or if you drive a mobile goal you can just dump them over the wall(im not saying thats exactly easy, but most HPs can at least 50% of those shots). Sure hanging helps, but the small balls win the game. Look at the first match where all 4 robots got on the bar, one alliance had 5 balls, the other had 4. The small balls won it. Look at many of the winning teams. In richmond the #1 seed was 165, a herding team, but 33, another herding team won the regional. In Annapolis 3 of the 4 semi-finalists had a herding based team on them. herding and small balls are the key.

Small balls will be the key to winning the championship event. You cant deny that.

Now that teams are getting better at collecting/corraling (and some wickedly talented human players out there) 2 robots hanging on a side really isnt necessary to win anymore. I say 1 hanger with a bot that collects and caps is the ideal team on the field.

Autonomus mode is nice, but it doesnt mean much this year. Our alliance scored 190 points (with only 1 robot hanging) and nobody triggered the 10 pt balls…

I’ll stick with:


To win the championship this year it will take a lot of luck since there are so many ways to lose it.

Sadly, that is true… :slight_smile:

Human Player
Small Balls

Lets say the Blue Alliance has 2 hangers, one of which can grab the mobile goal and manipulate the multiplier balls. They parks their mobile goal under the ball dump (4 balls). Then one human player puts his/her 3 balls into it and they cap it (7 balls x 10pts = 70 pts). The other human player makes all 3 of his/her balls into the stationary goal (now we’re up to 85 points). Then both robots go hang (total points = 185).
Lets say the Red Alliance has a small ball bot with a reliable human player (us) and a capper. They spend the entire match gathering balls and end up with 18 in their moblie goal (we did it in Philly). Then they cap the goal (total points = 180). Unless the Blue Alliance performs flawlessly, the match will either end in a tie, or a win for red. Keep in mind that, while the ball bot is gathering balls, the capper could be playing defense. In short,
Small Balls Dominate

This is the way to win small balls do dominate. It is a proven fact. And one good ball bot with one good hanger will rock it already has: UTC with 571 handeling balls and caping with 230 and 716 hanging Next at the midwest regional were 45 did balls and caped really well and there parteners hanging and last that i have see would be NJ were 237 hung and had 303 and one other team do thre balls and cap

I dont belive there has been an aliance who could just hang that went far in this years game. balls are KEY!!!

ummm, in your example, the blue alliance(with the hanging robots), won. Note that in your example both alliances were performing flawlessly…

What I like most about this years game is that there are still many ways to play the game no one strategy is right or wrong. Any team can still develop something that works for them but the most important aspect to the game itself is winning.

Yup. Auto is nowhere near as important as when the bins got knocked into your side of the field and you had to spend the rest of the match either cleaning them out or moving them over. If you don’t really bother with the 5 point balls it doesn’t matter if they fall in the first 15 seconds of 45 seconds in.

well if you are going to ask this, you might as well answer all of them are the most important. I’ve seen hangers beat small ball gatherers, cappers beat hangers, gatherers beat hangers, pretty much anything. It all depends on how the individual robot is, and how succesful it is in playing its strategy.