Most Important Game Aspect of '05

What do you think?


thats what i was thinking that Dave and the rest of the design committee must have gotten really stressed trying to think of a new game and decided to play tic-tack-toe and then it dawned on them, “this could be a great game but first we have to make it extremely complicated and with stuff no one has worked with before.” :slight_smile: or maybe they just thought of a cool game and it just happened to be similar to tic-tack-toe. i think the most important part of the game is what you do in auto mode.

The tetras, definitely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly waiting till the last minute to cap. I think thats gonna be an issue.

The most important aspect of 2005 is…
is…hmmm…not very easy to see.

You have an opportunity to score small helpings of 1 and 3 points for placing in or capping tetras with their smaller others. But that can be cancelled out by the ‘ownership’ of a row of tetra goals, and even that can be cancelled out by alliances being in their end zones at end of match. However, that too can be cancelled out by multiple cappings and placments of tetras in the right spot.
In short, everything can override everything else.

It is a VERY balanced game.

I agree.
The ability to control the filed of play (whether due to agressive offense due to speed, agility and a good loading system or via defense by muscling around other robots with raw power but fast enough to chase down other robots and control their ability to put tetras on the tetrahedrons).

I for one do not think this game is like tic-tac-toe, there is waay more strategy involved (I literally can not lose a game of tic-tac-toe).

I believe that most teams will go for a line along thier endzone, and mostly worry about getting a lot of tetras on the goals (or in them).

Auto mode is very important this year, but I don’t see it as a major deciding point in the game, I imagine few teams will be able to find a tetra, grab the tetra, find a goal, and cap the goal (successfully) within 15 seconds. I am not saying it is impossible, but I can see it mostly hit or miss. I can’t wait, this is going to be fun

I agree, but I think there is going to be a greater emphasis on arm design; the performance and capability of it then perhaps the base drive train. Reason for, the arm(s) are going to be a whole lot more work this year then last and have a greater chance of failing or becoming damaged during a match.

The most important aspect will be racking the tetras up and goign for the big stack, as in 4+. A row only nets you 10 points, and so does having all your robots behind the line at the end. If you can put up seven tetras you can negate all those points for the opposing alliance.

For the poll i put capping, but only because that was the closest to how we feel thusfar. Tetra herding, actually controlling your, and maybe your opponents as well, tetras is what we see as important. This is coupled with defence(and we have an potentially devestating defensive strategy in the works, which may or may not find its way onto this forum, that helps stress capping and control). If you can control and herd the tetras, you have a source of points at your disposal, that you can use whenever you feel like, including the last minute. Especially if you have a system that can cap one or more tetras(or goals) at once, allowing for a rush of last minute rows and caps. Or if capping is out of the question, a quick dump allows you to gain several points underneath a goal.

It is tought to tell the most important element
teamwork is definitly very important b/c it could be a good strategy to have one robot play defense whil ethe other two score
but auto mode is very important and so is the arm or whatever you use to move the tetras

I think that this game has many ways to win and because it will prolly be a low scoring game every point will matter, but i put autonomous. That seems like a big aspect!

Also, don’t forget that putting one of the vision tetras on top of the center goal will give you two BONUS tetras on your alliance’s side corner goals. That’s 9 points!! Plus, they put you in a good position to score rows.

The center tetra could very well be the most important part of the game

the center goal controls 4 different rows, yeah, its a major factor…

Here’s the breakdown:

Maximum possible team score: 216 pts

A. Stacking a tetra:
3 pts / 1 tetra, up to 40 tetras * 3 pts = 120 pts

B. Putting a tetro inside a goal:
1 pts / 1 tetra, up to 40 tetras * 1 pts = 40 pts

C. Scoring a vision tetra on one of the outside middle goals:
6 pts / 1 tetra, up to 2 vision tetras * 6 pts = 12 pts

D. Scoring a vision tetra on the center goal:
9 pts / 1 tetra, up to 2 vision tetras * 9 pts = 18 pts

E. Scoring one row of tic-tac-toe:
19 pts / 3 tetras or about 6 pts / 1 tetra

F. Scoring two intersecting rows of tic-tac-toe:
24 pts / 5 tetras or about 5 pts / 1 tetra

(Note: tic-tac-toe gets you up to 107 pts / 9 tetras or about 11 pts / 1 tetra, if you get every possible row)

G. End zone:
10 pts / 3 robots, which we’ll say is equivalent to about the same level of effort as 3 pts / 1 tetra

This list doesn’t take into account the magnetically suspended tetras and many tic-tac-toe configurations.

Clearly, tic-tac-toe can give you the most bang for your buck, but not always. Tic-tac-toe in items E and F are only worth two stacked tetras.

It looks like A will be the most straightforward way to get most of your score, but C and especially D can make a big difference. But G can also decide a match. For that matter, any one of A through G can easily decide any match.

Although A is not the most efficient way to score, it is probably the most feasible way to score a lot.

Defense and herding are key here. I think we are overestimating the amount of teams that will be able to reliably cap multiple tetras. Think about how long some teams took to cap last year, and then add more edges/having to be perfectly aligned with the top of the goals. Thus, in many matches, especially in the earlier rounds, while some teams that did not get much driver practicing in are getting used to their robots still, there will not be much capping going on. However, herding tetras into goals will be a lot more feasible, and, if there is nothing stacked on top, you can still make tic-tac-toes with tetras in the goal for extra points. Manipulating the tetras is not going to be an easy task. As for defense, it is always integral to the game. All robots should be built hardily and should be able to effectively block other robots. Control of the center, whether it be through capping or herding, will be key here, and we should see a lot of last minute shoving matches here, where capping the center can result in many-point swings.

As I read the rules i beleave that it says that u get points just for haveing a tetra on top it doesnt have to be the top on it just has to be on. I could be wrong ill check with Dave tomarrow. But i think the most important aspect is just being able to get the tertas-themselfs ask fast and effeciently as possible so that they are there to use.

None of the above.

Tetra manipulation. Plain and simple.

Although, if it had to be one of those choices, it would be tetra stacking.


every tetra you get onto a goal counts as points for you.

It has to be on top to count as a row though