most important phase?

which do you think is the most important phase of the game?

(i think) human player phase

autonomous mode

1st 15 seconds of human control

Next 75 Seconds

Last 15 seconds of human control

I don’t think that the human player phase is the most important. If you can’t move to the stacks on the ramp during the autonomous phase and knock them onto your side, it will be very hard to win.

by far the human control…

sure autonomous control is gonna be important, but the amount of time and number of possibilities very much outweighs what could be accomplished in autonomous mode.


regardless of whether a game can or cannot be won in the autonomous mode, it only takes one robot, intentionally or otherwise, to knock into the middle and alter the tide for the remainder of the match. there is little that any robot(s) can do in one minute and 45 seconds to change where the majority of bins are, and that’s why I don’t think that the human control mode will be as good…simply the fact that it isn’t 2 minutes anymore is an indication of the quality that i think the human control period will be—poorer than the last two years at least.
i personally believe that some games will be won by chance or luck, i.e. a robot that hasn’t been following a line all of a sudden does, and then strategy will be messed up for that alliance. of course, there are ways of making sure that a robot can’t even get onto the ramp, such as placing the human player bins right at the bottom. considering the lips both at the top and bottom of the ramp, i think that most robots would have a pretty difficult time getting all the way to the top to knock the stacks over (without damaging the human player bins severely :yikes: !!)
it is therefore my belief that the game can be won in the human player mode. given the above situation as well as the general lack of very accurate dead-reckoning systems (in general) and the general lack of speed in line-tracker systems, i think that some very effective human player strategies are out there. i haven’t thought about it that much, but i’m sure that there are very reasonable methods of preventing all robot types from being effective in the autonomous mode. for example, if a robot was designed to knock down human stacks, you could put a bin right in front of it and it would push it straight into the wall. for a loss of one bin, this is a good strategy that could save you some points later. ) this, of course, all depends on accurate scouting, which will be a big problem in this game considering the possibility of multiple autonomous modes.) well, there’s my three cents worth…