"Most Improved" Award 2015

My question is simple, Which robots do you feel have improved the most since their first regional? Feel free to include stats like ranking at first regional opposed to second regional, or qual avg. percentage increase from regional to regional.

Team 4188 went from being ranked 42 out of 42 at Georgia Southern to ranked 2nd at Peachtree and winning.

Thanks to 4188 for picking us and 343 for being great alliance partners.

At GSRC Team 4188 was Rank 42 out of 42 (DEAD LAST) with an average qual score of 21.55.
At Peachtree Team 4188 was Rank 2 with an average qual score of 90.38 and an average playoff score of 145.00 and ended up WINNING the regional!
It was a great turn around to watch even though they beat our alliance in the finals.

  1. They went from making 2 stacks a match to 4, and are probably the best team right now.

I have to agree with the others about 195.

195 had some serious improvement after their first event. They currently have one of the best robots in New England, but you wouldn’t know that from watching their first event.

In their first match of the season, their alliance scored 12 points.
In their most recent match, their alliance scored 256 points.

That’s over a 2000% increase.

Their average playoff score also went from 28 to 228 between their first and last events.

They went from being able to score a few totes here and there to being able to put up 3 capped/noodled six stacks quite consistently.

My vote goes for 2502, Talon Robotics. At their first regional they sat in 36th place with a quals average below 40 and were picked in the third round.At the Ten Thousand Lakes Regional they were seated second with an average over 105 and ended up winning the Regional. Their improvement was astounding, they have totally earned their spot at champs.

EDIT: 2502’s average at their first regional was 43.22

1523 MARS

They wont from not even being picked at their 1st event, to being the #1 overall alliance captain and making it to the finals. That is also only going from week 1 to week 3. So the time to which they changed, and the little influence they had when changing, means their growth is far greater than some who improved over later weeks.

2502 went from being ranked 36th at northern lights to being ranked 2nd and winning the 10,000 lakes regional(Where they usually ended a match with 2 capped and noodled 6 stacks).

2169 went from being ranked 30th at northern lights to being ranked 6th at a very competitive Wisconsin regional(Awesome landfill bot by Wisconsin). They were nearly finalists as they encountered one bad match in their semi-final matches that cut them off from advancing to the finals.

967 the Iron Lions went from being picked last at Wisconsin to ranking 4th at North star where they were finalists(They had a awesome chute bot by North star and deserved a wildcard entry to champs).

Probably a ton more I can think of.

EDIT: TCMJ1816 beat me to it for 2502.

Going to toot my own teams horn for a post, simply because of how proud I am of our improvement.

At our first event, Reading District, our best match consisted of putting up a single uncapped six stack, and a high score of 105 points, and our QA was 40.6 points. http://youtu.be/HOAAmuBDxqQ

At our second event, UNH, we added an arm to pick up the RCs, intake wheels to help control moving the ground tote, and increased the speed of our elevator and pusher by 50%. We increased our scoring ability to a capped six stack and an uncapped three stack. Our high score of the day was 140, and our QA was 69.7 points. http://youtu.be/Uuph9v8srww

At New England Championships, we fixed the intake wheels to spin correctly, and changed our controller from joysticks to Xbox controllers, which myself and our other driver found more comfortable. We were able to put up two capped six stacks, our high score was 169, and our QA was 130.8 points. http://youtu.be/noqyyMzKmLk

We definitely aren’t the best robot in the world, and we probably haven’t shown the most improvement (195 definitely has us beat for this) but I love how much our team put into the robot during the season to continue improving. Expect even more from 1058 in St. Louis!

4183 36 at CVR, won Arizona East


I’d also like to give a shout out to 2502, it was awesome competing with them week 1 and then practicing with them leading up to their second regional and seeing them improving.

This list starts and ends with 195.

I’m a bit disappointed 2502 won’t be at state. Imagine 3130 and 2502 in an alliance. Minnesota’s best this year for sure!

After watching some videos of you guys(2175) I think you guys improved as well. I loved your capping method for your stacks. Champs and state won’t be the same without you guys! We’ll miss you for sure!

Gotta throw my vote in for 1126. They started the year at Pittsburgh with a QA of 42.33, barely able to make a stack, let alone score it. And forget RCs all together. Some of their scores included numbers such as 11, 12 and 0.

At FLR, they were easily one of the best robots on the field, with a QA of 116.64. Consistently putting up 15-18 totes every match, complete with RCs, and helping to set the regional high score in their very last match.

Teams 195 and 399 greatly improved from their first events. It was awesome seeing both teams keep making changes and fine tuning their robots at each event.

Event OPR Rank
1 ---- 07.1 26
2 ---- 56.5 3
3 ---- 63.1 1
4 ---- 88.0 2

Event OPR Rank
1 ---- 21.7 11
2 ---- 40.9 6
3 ---- 73.7 3

With out a doubt it has to be Truck Town Thunder 68.

At their first event in Kokomo they were simply awful, I mean bad, but then they won in Lancing and were a force to be reckoned with at MSC seeding 11th in a crazy deep field.

Just an amazing turnaround.

I might add that at Kokomo even when they were having big problems they were a lot a fun to be around and added a lot to the event.

Without hesitation, I’d give the award to 195.
Their season started somewhat disastrously at Waterbury, but now, I see them as undoubtedly the best team in New England.

As far as Indiana goes I have to nominate Cyber Blue 234. In their first event (Indy week 1), they struggled to make stacks consistently even though they ended up rank 2 (their noodle thrower has been great all season). By Indiana State Championships, they could make two 6 stacks + bin and noodle from the HP station, and also had a 20 point auto routine.

1625 went from a -5.3 OPR to a 52.1 OPR in just one event.

I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked to see that trend continue into champs as well.

As Much as I’d like to say we improved, yea we started getting consistent 6 stacks with 2 a match but our lead screw broke and never gave us time to test out the new ramp that would rotate totes and allow faster loading. We also on dropped stacks when the lead screw broke, everyone always thought when placing we would but it wasn’t possible with out backstop.

5254 I would have to say immensely improved. We worked with them Saturday at tech valley and after helping with a ramp they learned their grove in the eliminations and then also learned a strategy that worked for them. I was happy to see how much they improved with a simple fix.