Most Improved Team from the last two seasons?


What are some of the most improved teams that you have seen? Compare them from 2017,2018 and their success in 2019.
Mine is 3647 The Millennium Falcons (0 blue banners to 3 in one year though they had a beautiful bot in 2018 and a very good double climb that wouldn’t drop people).


I would like to point out 3707. They’ve had some success in the past, but the past 2 years have really been impressive. Last year was their first time at worlds and their second time at Michigan district champs, meaning they’ve been to Einstein’s both times they’ve made an appearance and worlds, which is quite impressive. They went from not qualifying for district champs in 2017 to winning Worlds in 2019. I bet we’ll continue to see success from them in the future.



I’m not sure if they count here, but 2910, too.


Apparently they are called “Walmart MadTown” and I only wish we can be called that.


How about from 0 awards to 3 blue banners, 3 judged team awards, and 1 DLF?


I’d like to nominate 1727. They re-formed in 2017 after a 5-season hiatus, and immediately became a District Championship-quality team.

  1. There are like six kids on the team. They only have drills and hacksaws for machining. Their programmer learned how to program this year. 2 Blue Banners (captains both times), #1 OPR in Tesla division, #1 cargo bot in Tesla, #4 hatch in Tesla, 39th in FiM.

From Minnesota, 3750. From 2011 to 2017, they had played in elims twice and had never made it past the quarterfinals. Then, in 2018 & 2019, they ranked in the top 5 at all of their regionals with 2 regional wins this year and a regional finalist last year.


Is it cheesy to nominate my own team, 5943? We went from having a barely functional robot in 2016, to being a first pick and winning EI and GP in 2019. Not only did our robot performance improve, but our overall team participation and organization improved. I’m really proud of our team and how far we’ve come in only 4 years of being a team.


They didn’t have wild success this year but 6956 SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS in Indiana improved drastically from last year. They had an issue with their design last year where they ended up just being a push bot, but this year they went in a different direction with their design and were an effective cargo ship and low rocket bot. They were picked for elims at a district event and also won a quality award this year. Their small robot was especially cool as I believe it was the only one in Indiana that could allow for two robots to start on the same level 2 platform. I’m really excited to see how they do in future years and I feel like they might be another team that could compete us and 3940 for Imagery if they go in on it. They’d definitely be a team I’d love to come back and mentor if I decide to do that.

  1. They were tracking towards becoming a really competitive team in 2016 and 2017, but 2018 was a bit of a down year for them robot-wise. I know at a few points they had to take their manipulator off the robot due to various issues. They were one of the last teams invited to DCMP, mostly thanks to picking up three judged awards for a total of 15 points.
    They rebounded incredibly in 2019. In fact, I’m gonna put it in writing that they were the best second round pick in the world. They consistently fell further in drafts than they should have, and they were rewarded with three blue banners as a result, including both a FMA district championship and Tesla division title. At both DCMP and CMP they were consistently putting up 10-12 game objects per match during the playoffs.

I’ll say 1102, no wins from 2003 to 2017 and had not gone to champs from 2009 to 2017. They kind of came out of nowhere in 2018 and dominated PCH and have not taken their foot off the gas building a fabulous bot this year that could solo rockets. They have quickly become a PCH powerhouse.


Our team had the pleasure of being on their alliance at the Michigan State Championship. According to our team members, they are one of the most kind and humble teams they’ve ever met as well. Great team of kids, and I hope they keep up their success!

Side note if anyone can provide any insight for me: Why did they fall so far in alliance selections on Tesla with those stats? I know OPR doesn’t tell the full story, but was their hard data actually that much different from their OPR?


For the last two years, 4607 has really stepped up their robot game. After being a great defender in 2016 and having a disappointing season in 2017, they refocused their robot effort toward building simple machines that worked really well. This has led to four regional top 3 picks in a row and two years in divisional finals/one year on Einstein.


Biggest Elo jumps in the last 2 seasons:

Team 2019 end of season Elo - 2017 end of season Elo
3555 330
364 321
2910 319
6528 314
1323 305
3707 297
6485 269
5883 264
4821 262
176 258
2733 256
5840 253
2998 248
3538 236
3986 236
6443 232
4311 232
5712 220
5312 218
78 218
5190 217
3604 217
5010 217
3641 217
3680 216

One of my friends from school is on that team and he said they were averaging about 13 game pieces a match and that they had a bad schedule.
He told me that they asked a team what they could do and got the answer “It might drive.” What I don’t understand is why their alliance didn’t play them in quarters.


If you asked me in 2017 who 2910 was, the best I could tell you is that they were on the alliance that smacked 1619/3309 in Quarters. they were the 2nd pick of that alliance.

Id 100% count them here.


(obviously biased here)
I’d like to nominate 5026.
2016 - no awards, not picked for elims
2017 - no awards, finalist at Chezy, picked in second round at each regional (third round at champs)
2018 - two awards, alliance captain/first pick at each regional and at champs
2019 - one award, finalist alliance captain at CVR, winner Houston champs


For what it’s worth, 3647 has been building great robots for years, and has had astronomically bad luck at almost every event. Things like seeding first, picking the biggest powerhouse at the event, and then suffering a snapped rope during steamworks. That pressure made them great though, it seems. This year’s robot is absolutely killer and the rest of us in the region are going to be working our butts off to catch up.


111 turned a corner in the rebuild this year. From 3 quarterfinal exits 2017 to unpicked at champs last year to 2 regional wins and 1st pick on a division champ this year. Watch out Illinois.