Most Improved Team?

So which is the most improved team in 2017? This could have two categories:

  1. A team that seeded low in 2016, but did great in 2017.
  2. A team that seeded low in their first Regional, but much higher in their 2nd.

What are the keys to your new success?

At CVR, I’d have to include 2761, 1072, and 751. Not only did they all move up to be alliance captains from the 20s last year, they outranked some great teams on the way.

I am pretty proud of the kids from 5484 at St Joseph Indiana this year. They went from almost dead last to winning. They started out with a Roborio with error lights all over, no gyro, no camera and lost the first 4 matches because the robot had issues because of this. They didn’t give up, they worked the robot, at the end of the day they replaced the Roborio, they added a camera in between matches, they powered through and rose to rank 16. Then they worked with 2 awesome teams to win.

To add to this one of their head mentors who was also their programming mentor left 1/2 through the build season. They put their heads down and continued on. A week or two before the event they switched to C++ from Labview because the programmers at least had some experience with it.

I would submit 1018 or 4272 from Indiana.
1018 got their first blue banner -ever-, and 4272 has proven itself a force with a MCC leading to a #1 seed.

In their Rookie year (2016), 6001 from Colombia was 60/60 in South Florida.
In their second year, they got 1/47 with a very good robot…

From what I have seen this year there are going to be a LOT of underdog stories. Top teams are well… toppling… teams that have struggled are rising fast. It is amazing.

Let’s talk two South Carolina teams.

6222, out of Hemingway, SC:
2016, 62/64, 1-7-0.
2017, 8/62, 6-2-0, Alliance Captain #5, and got one win on Alliance 4 before losing in quarterfinals.

5777, out of Sumter, SC:
2015, rookie year of record, didn’t even make it to Myrtle Beach.
2016, 61/64, 1-7-0.
2017, 10/62, 6-2-0, and Alliance Captain #8.

When I was looking at the rankings on Friday night before Tippecanoe got underway, my jaw was on the floor.

You guys remember 469? Las Guerillas won the Championship in 2014, and that was great and all, but then they disappeared. 2015 they attended the Championship as the previous victor, but they weren’t doing so hot. Last year, they didn’t make it to MSC. Now, Michigan is a very difficult DC to reach, but 469 was completely off the map.

Then, this year. Centerline Week 2 event was a shocking return for 469. They not only were the top seeded team, but they managed to win. It wasn’t an easy win, they nearly lost in the finals (to a very unclean match on both sides), but they managed to win the second and third match for the win.

I hope 469 is back. They are about a mile away from my home, so I’d love to work with them. They were our alliance partners at MSC 2014, and they’re pretty awesome.

Out of Connecticut, 3654 for sure. Won their first blue banner at the Waterbury Event this year.

4580 The Conductors from Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis!

Their performance at their first district event was pretty abysmal. At the end of the event they were dead last, ranked 38th.

This past weekend at St. Joes, they were picked by the #2 alliance as a third bot, and played some invaluable defense that helped carry their alliance into the Finals. If it wasn’t for some yellow cards in the first round of the Finals (NOT caused by 4580), they would have gone to a rubber match and had a high chance of winning the whole event.

Plus, they won a Quality Award, only the second award in the team’s existence, AND one of their students won the Dean’s List Finalist award.

Pretty amazing comeback. I hope it’s enough for them to make it to the State Championship, but we’ll have to see how the Perry District event plays out in a couple weeks.

Team 2509 the Tigerbots seeded 60th last year at the Northern Lights regional and ranked 3rd and won the regional this year at Northern Lights. Significant improvement from them and they are a top 5 Minnesota team atm IMO.

I cast my vote for 5484. Great underdog story!

1319 had a subpar year in 2016. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong. We lost a very talented senior class last year and we bounced back in 2017 and took a blue banner away from Palmetto. Super proud of my team.

In the St. Louis area, 1706 is always considered one of the teams that could win the Regional. I have always considered them as one of the teams that could take it next level because of their impressive vision team. This year, they dominated the St. Louis Regional achieving 40kpa in 10 matches including 6 straight in elims to take the regional. They never have a bad robot, but they jumped from rank 42 and 35 last year to 2. They should be considered as one of the best shooters this year.

1523 had arguably the worst season we’ve seen in 2016. Ranking 62nd at Orlando and then 12th at SF, not being chosen either times. cringing just thinking about it

Now in 2017 we’re having our best season ever, by far, almost winning the South Florida regional as the 3rd seed alliance captain, and earning a wildcard to be able to compete in Houston.

I could not be happier.

3623, Terrorbots. They never saw the playoff field in 2016, and on rare occasions before that. This year, 1st seed alliance captain and winner at their first district event. Whatever they did, they should keep doing it.

I certainly hope we can reach this level come our second district event. Had our climber been working the whole weekend at the level it was in our final 2 matches (the only 2 we won), we would have seeded much higher.

1720 Phyxed Gears

They always have good robots, but they never seem to rank too high. This year, however, they were the #3 alliance captain at St. Joseph, picking 3940 and 3357 (that alliance was my personal bet to win the event). Their robot this year is amazing, and I look forward to seeing them at Perry.

At the Arizona North Regional, team 996 took an unusual increase in robot activity. They were high seeded and took the 4th seed alliance captain, picking a usual Arizona favorite 842.

I think that is much improved from their previous robot activity over the years.

I’d like to add onto this and include 4926, the second pick for our alliance at Tippecanoe. They should have been the first pick for alliance 4-6 and somehow fell all the way to us to be the second pick of alliance 3. They did a great job and just like 1018, it is their first banner ever too (just not as long of a wait obviously).

And unlike 1018 who barely qualified to state last year in the 31st slot out of 32, 4926 didn’t qualify to state last year.

Either way, I am really impressed by the changes of 1018 and 4926 from last year to this year in Indiana.

I too have noticed this. Lot’s of previously top ranked teams have struggled to keep up this season.

Our team, who is usually a good second pick and has been strong performer throughout the years has struggled immensely this season.

Just in MAR alone, I’ve seen teams who were previously never alliance capts. take on the role this year— and have performed amazingly.

This is just a weird year for everyone.