Most Memorable Moment

Posted by Tom at 04/13/2001 12:55 AM EST

Other on team #126, Gael Force, from Clinton High School and NYPRO.

As I read the most memorable moments of the year from various people from around the F.I.R.S.T. world I started to think of my own most memorable. Lotaas of great things have happened this year.

1.) I got to be an onfield coach for my team and I had a blast.

2.) I was on the winning alliance at the UTC Regional -It was amazing (126,501,177,69,&175)

3.) I was in a great alliance in Fla. and had great experiences at the nationals.

But my most memorable moment of the year was watching one of my Best Friends walk away with the national championship. It was simply amazing what they accomplish with what they are given. Tom great job and congratulations to the rest of your team (125) and the rest of your alliance.

Team 126
Gael Force