Most Outragous Forecasts For This Years Game...

… I felt it necessary to fuel the fire that is the predictions for this years game… now, i said outrageous forecasts but one of my suggestions for this years game is… and keep in mind i truly believe in this…
the robots will be required to traverse a pit approximatly 3 feet deep containing highly potent hydrochloric acid mixed with rocket fuel wiht littel boats floating on the surface that contain asorted highly venomous snakes and nitroglycerine… now once the robot reaches the other side of ths pit (and i assume that all robots will be able to find a wa to cross it)… they will be met by the other three robots and will be automatically switched into autonomous mode. the robots will then compete in a chess match and a highly competitive game of cats cradle (you know the one with the loop string) … note: teams will have to supply their own string… the winner of these games wins teh math…

  • a robot that is equipped with a carpet steamer and cleans the carpet during the match (FIRST’s answer to carpet problems)
  • if the winning robot is nuclear powered

>>>>>>…anybody else have any ideas?

-a robot that can survive the pit and still function in time for the next match

A second cousin of a housekeeper who lives two streets away from Dean told my sisters best friend that this years game will not use wheels. All teams will be reguired to provide their own ice cubes. This may prove a problem for those of us who live in the desert.

Ken Loyd
Gila Monsters
Team #64 :yikes:

All teams will be required to make a fully functional ‘7-11 in a Robot’, where the robot must accept money for gas, make slushies, cook bad hot dogs, and sell beer, BUT, it would have to check ID for those over 21. The point system will be based on the salery of an average person working at the 7-11, along with the amount of bad hot dogs sold as the multiplyer.

Not necessarilly, I’ve seen pics of people being able to ski in the desert because the sand was so fine!! lol


The pictures you have seen were produced by the late Howard Hughes. The were filmed not long after the “fake” moon pictures. They were taken near Area 51. We can not say if they are real or not.

Ken Loyd
Team 64 :cool:

…oh yes, and to elaborate on my ideas… the shipping will include an impount this year (instead of at the competition). the robots will take a detour on their trip to the competition grounds to Housten TExas where NASA will launch them to Mars and they will be required to navigate and collect evidence from the martian atmosphere.

Uh… well they looked pretty real to me… I will try to find the picture I have, scan it, and post it sometime soon.

And I recall them being in a “reputable” magazine to boot.

Not a chance–the legal age is 19 in Ontario: therefore, the Canadian Regional would have to be played by different rules. (Plus I’m not even sure if 7-11 is licenced to sell beer here. Probably not.)

7-11 sells slurpees, the Kwik-e-Mart sells slushies.


Actually, the Kwik-E-Mart sells squishies.

I’m a Simpsons geek…and proud of it. :smiley:

To get this thread back on topic…

I think this year’s game will be a judged performance similar to pairs ice skating. It will be almost totally subjective. Competition pairings will be announced in the first week so you can work with all your partners to develop your routines and pick the music you want to drive your robot to.

There might be some sort of object like a ball or platform that use can use to make “artistic” motions.

You thought 2001 was bad …

Oh yes! And while we’re at it, let’s just make robotics rhythmic gymnastics!

Points would be scored on the flexibility of the robot, it’s ability to leap and/or tumble while either a) twirling a streamer b) going through a hula hoop, or c) balancing a bowling ball, and, of course, the entire routine would be performed to music, no longer than two minutes.

And of course it would have to be performed to all the worst pop music soundtracks we have all heard at each and every competition! aka - Britney Spears, Nelly... and just about every track on every NOW cd ever!



I hate to disappoint you but, I have, based upon good evidence gathered by three dumpster divers at MIT, this years game information. To appease all the fans who have wanted a water game…this years competition will be based upon syncronized swimming. The alliances will require six robots each. If at the end of the 2 minute competition, all six robots surface upside down, the alliance will be awarded triple points. The Gila Monsters will be selling robot nose plugs as a fund raiser.

Ken Loyd
Team #64

PS. The finals have been moved to a one day event held on April 1st.

Don’t be trashin’ Nelly. I know it may sound wierd but some of his stuff isn’t that bad.

They will be the all-sing,all-dancing poo of the world.

How bout this:
What if the robots engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the human players. Sort of a “BattleBots” meets “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Points are doubled if you get blood splatters into the third row of the audience. However, there is a catch: the whole thing has to be autonomous (headache for me, the 408 head computer nerd…pixie pride!!!). :]

Right, so imagine this: instead of only four robots on the field at a time, we make it sixteen. The field is only two times as large as it was last year, however, leading to an astonishing rate of robot traffic jams going through the bottleneck in the middle of the playing field. Suspended thirteen feet, 7.259 inches above the playing field is the Mega-Multipliyer. If at the end of autonomous mode 3 or more robots are touching the mega-multipliyer, all teams scores are multiplied by the number of robots touching the multiplyer minus one. Scoring is accomplished by moving “Furbies™” to either of two incinerators located at each end of the field. The sixteen robots must work together, but each must work towards the individual robot goals that only one robot can accomplish in each round:

  1. Demolish the most “Furbies™” - 30 individual points
  2. Control the Base (green carpet patch) - 10 points
  3. Travel the furthest distance (Robot Odometers!) - 20 points
  4. Consume the most souls - 666 points. (Judging on this is expected to be controversial as the major philosophical groups and religions grapple over a final definition of “soul”, how possession of a “soul” can be taken, how possession of a “soul” effects the owner, whether or not we actually have “souls” in the first place, and if a “soul” is good as a lunch.)

A teams score is therefor calculated as
(robots touching Mega-Multiplyer at end of minute 1) * (Number of “Furbies™” obliterated) / 3.141592 + Individual robot points.