Most points/game pieces scored by a single robot in a match

Who wants some bragging rights?!

I’m interested in finding the answers to the questions in the thread title. What team has scored the most points in an official match of Destination: Deep Space? What team has scored the most game pieces?

Here are the rules:

  1. Must be an official match of Destination: Deep Space (qualification or eliminations, no practice matches)
  2. (For points) Points scored by a robot include the Sandstorm bonus, hatch panels and cargo legally scored, and HAB climb bonus for the team’s robot. Foul points drawn and climb assistance offered to partners don’t count.
  3. (For # of game pieces scored) Count 1 game piece scored for each hatch panel and cargo placed by the robot that is considered legally scored at the end of the match.
  4. (EDIT: added after comment below) Scoring a hatch panel on the cargo ship such that the preloaded cargo is legally scored counts as 2 game pieces / 5 points.

If you think you have found a contender for one of these titles, post video below!

How many teams have joined the “48 points” club (level 2 Sandstorm + solo rocket + L3 climb)?
Has anyone hit 50+? 60+?
How about >12 solo game pieces?
Are the record holders solo rocket bots? Or cargo specialists?

NOTE: Obviously defense is a huge factor in this game, and I’m expecting that the winning entries will be all but devoid of it for one reason or another, so please don’t take this too seriously.


To start things out, 971 scores 13 game pieces (6 hatch panels and 7 balls) and 51 points in SFR Finals #1:

Question: How are the cargo that are preloaded in the cargo ship during the sandstorm period counted? If a team places a hatch on those bays do they receive credit for the hatch and cargo, or just the hatch?

Good question, I would say both the hatch and the preload. (My thread, my rules?)


I believe that we (870) started HAB 2 filled 1 rocket and HAB 3 climbed in q35 at Finger Lakes Regional. Undefended of course!

I don’t have a match video, but I have to imagine they’re in a very elite group. They’re up there with 971 for the most fun robot to watch this year.


We (364) scored 46 points by ourselves in this match with 10 seconds to spare:

HAB 3 climb, HAB 2 and cargo/hatch in sandstorm, filled the cargo ship.

I would check out 2791’s matches from Central New York. In Qualifcation matches 48 and 55 they managed six sandstorm points, 13 game pieces (seven cargo and six hatch panels) and a 12 point climb in the endgame. They also had matches where they scored 10-11 game pieces with defense. Very impressive performances from them this year.


@KaranY scored 14 game pieces in Q24, and probably could of done more if the loading station wasnt a mess.

4476 did 15 somewhere, but I havent found any match video yet.


Hi…We may have scored 59 points by ourselves in Quals 66 at the CHS
Portsmouth event. (losing out tying by 1 and winning by 2) I won’t know for
sure until I see video of the match. I do remember our driver saying we were
the only robot in our alliance that match that scored points.

Not sure if it counts but 1678 “scored” 72 points in QF2 at CVR. Lvl 1 sandstorm, 7 cargo, 6 hatches, and the triple level 3 at the end. If you subtract 1323’s lvl2 and 7663’s lvl1 it is still 63 points.


“48 Point Club” - HAB2 Sandstorm, full solo rocket, HAB3 climb

42 Points = HAB2 Sandstorm, HAB3 triple climb



After seeing video we did score most of them…but not all.

In a 2v3, 1676 put up 14 game pieces (10 cargo, 4 hatches) with a Hab2 start and finish for 50 points total, while 3340 played some critical defense on the opposing alliance.

Very proud of the drive team for making the best of a tough match and in playoffs, no less.


GoonSquad (3604) scored 54pts in Week one FiM Gibraltar District Quarterfinals 3-2. We scored 13 cargo(39), started from hab lvl 1(3) and did a Hab 3 climb at the end(12).


I believe that this is the link to the match that I referenced above.

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2910’s best so far was quals match 48 at SunDome.

16 game pieces scored
56 Total points scored
7 Hatches
9 Cargo (including 1 trapped in sandstorm)
L1 Sandstorm Bouns
L3 Hab Climb

It doesn’t count but here is a 60 point, 18 pieces scored practice match.


2791 scored 14 game pieces and hit level 3 climbs in matches 24, 30, and 55 at Central New York.


We, 2998, scored 12 game pieces (7 cargo and 5 hatches) with a lvl 2 descent and lvl 1 park for a total of 40 points.

Wow!! 2910 is a great little machine!!!