Most points/game pieces scored by a single robot in a match

Still in the 42 point club : (

Watched 1114 do a 17 cycle match at Ont DCMP quals today WITHOUT ANY ELEMENTS TRAPPED IN SANDSTORM.

Absolutely nuts, amazing to watch.

There was some very light defense being played on them at the time, so managing to hit 17 is very impressive.


Which match?

I believe it was their last match of the day, q24. When the videos are up I’ll confirm but I was watching pretty closely at the time. Full rocket plus 5 other pieces because their alliance partners did the Hab 3 climb, I think maybe they didn’t even end up on lvl 1.

3647 had a solo 48 (not 65) points at Del Mar Regionals without a level 2 or 3 climb. We focused on cargo at that time as our vision didn’t work until Idaho Regionals. (This was Qual 49)

14 game pieces in a week 1. That’s world-class.

To be accurate though, it was 48 points from 3647 (10 cargo, 4 hatches, hab 1 start, hab 1 climb). There were 6 points from 5474’s start and finish on hab 1, 1 hatch placed on the other rocket, and 9 penalty points for a total of 67.


Ahh that’s right. Thank you for the correction.

In Ontario q13 1114 drove off level 2, scored 6 panels, 10 balls (no sandstorm trapping) and climbed to level 3 for a total of 60 points on their own.

Match starts at 1:55:15


Ontario Science Division finals2, counted 1114 ran 18 cycles including sandstorm, with a total of 20 game pieces scored, and 68 points in total by themselves.
They just kept breaking their records all weekend :open_mouth:

F2 at 03:37:20


We hit our team’s best performance in our last qual match on Galileo for 50 points and 14 game pieces secured.

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After Houston this weekend, is the above 68pts from 1114 the single highest robot total?

I believe trapping cargo in the cargo ship with hatches during sandstorm should count towards these totals.

How should a double or triple climb work? For example if 1678 does a triple climb with their alliance partners, do they get any claim to the 24pts their two partners are earning by being on level 3? Partial credit?

My take is that it’s 12 points above a level 3 and 2 level 2’s, which they should split evenly with the partners as the partners also have to come back and line up on the lifts. So an extra 6 for 1678 is my assessment.


15 almost 16 game pieces but hatch collector got jammed when placing

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We did a 56-point match (15 game pieces + L2 Auton + L3 Climb). We peaked at the end of the season, and look forward to using what we learned to get to this level sooner next year!


Need to look up 3707 in Finals 3 on Detroit Einstein. I think that was 17 elements IIRC. There was also a level 3 climb.

HAB 1 in Sandsorm - 3 points
4 Hatches - 8 points
14 Cargo - 42 points
HAB 3 climb - 12 points

17 Element - 65 points

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Question is whether the partners could have reached L2. 1323 could, but I don’t believe any of the other partners could get on L2 (vs. L3), at least consistently. And if the extra is about including the time for others to get back, then you also need to do the same for other L3 climbers since their partners also need to take the time to get back.

So the extra is either 15 (if there’s a consistent L2 climber) or 18. The other bots have no additional credit for the climb because they are almost entirely passive.

We, 1153 scored 51 points at our week 2 District Event. Level 2 HAB and a hatch on the rocket in sandstorm, 9 cargo and 2 hatches in tele-op, then a level 3 HAB climb. Not too bad for a level 1 bot in New England.

Our team, OTTO 1746, scored 17, almost 18, game pieces during Semifinals 1-1 in the Carver subdivision. After coming off of L1, we scored 2 hatches (one on the rocket, one on the cargo ship) in sandstorm, and proceeded to score 5 hatches and 10 cargo during teleop. In end game, we parked on L1. In all, we single handedly contributed 50 points to our alliance that match. It was quite surprising our robot managed to score 50 points without any extra points from climbing onto L2 or L3.


I think this was 2910’s highest scoring match of the season.

17 Game Pieces Scored (9 cargo, 8 hatches)
L2 Hab Start
L3 Climb
61 Total Points
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