Most Unlikely Places You've Found FRC People

I have a question for you all. What has been the most unlikely place you’ve found a current or previous FRC student or mentor?

I found another student once at a Cross Country meet because she was wearing a team shirt. I must say, I was surprised. I should start wearing my team shirt around more often.

I do volunteer work for a museum in southern NJ, and I was at an event one day while my Dad was at said museum doing a social of sorts. Long story short, he ended up talking with the mentor of another team that 1257 went up against at that event.

At a fast food restaurant because I had a 971 shirt on.

A few years ago, my brother was traveling to a Boy Scouts camp (Northern Tier) in Michigan. At the airport there, he met somebody who apparently knew who I was from CD and told him that I made cool swerve drives.

Men’s clothing store in Manhattan.
Selling me pants and shirts.

At least where I’m from, Boy Scouts is full of FIRST’ers. One year when I was working camp staff, we had a multi-team demonstration for the kids taking the Robotics Merit Badge. We had robots from 6 different teams there. Also for one year, all 5 of our OA Lodge Officers were on FRC teams.

Official partnership between BSA and FIRST? Doubt itever happening, but one can dream.

On a plane ride from New York. She was sitting next to me when I pulled out my laptop, and my lock screen was a picture of our bot. She was like “HEY THAT’S FRC…WAIT ARE YOU FRC?” :smiley: It was definitely one of the more exciting 5 hour plane rides I’ve been on :P.

On my family vacation…4? 5? years ago, I ran into two FIRSTers while at the Grand Canyon. Found out they belonged to a team from NYC, not to far away from myself. It certainly helps to recognize FIRSTers when wearing robotics shirts.


On the train!

True. If I remember correctly, VEX was involved in the making of the curriculum. I do wish there was something more of an official, long-term partnership. I’ve had to call in favors from people I knew from Scouts for FRC related things before. The target audience and a lot of the sponsors are the same between the two programs.

I haven’t met any FRC people around unlikely places, but around my college campus I tend to run into a few here and there unexpectedly. Which sometimes surprises me because my university doesn’t have that many FIRST alumni, even on the intercollegiate robotics team on campus there are only a few.

Last June we were on vacation in Turks and Caicos. My daughter had her team backpack sitting by her at the pool. A Girl from team 4472 and her mother stopped by to talk robotics for awhile.

Van Halen concert in 2009!

I’ve met 3 people in the UMD Marching Band that have been in FRC.

Hanley falls, MN steam tractor show

I met my girlfriend at a UCSC coffee shop and after talking for a while learned she is a team 100 alumni. That was a pretty sweet coincidence!

I found a retired mentor in a Five Guys once. He saw that I was wearing my team T-Shirt and asked me about it. I also found a member of another team at a church camp.

Barcelona, Spain in an AirBnB. He was on one of the really good teams from Mexico and was studying in Spain for the summer.

At an SAT subject test.

My entire ACT front row was wearing FRC shirts.