Mother's Day Thread

I was reading a thread the other day and it got me thinking. Mother’s day is coming up and I’ve not really done anything for it. Finals have been going on and honestly I’ve been rather forgetful about stuff lately. I would have completely forgotten the holiday and made other plans had my grandma not reminded me. I figured that some of you might be in a similar boat and forgotten about it. Hopefully by creating this thread at least one mother will get more then a last second gift and at least the company of their child(children) on their special day.

Since I believe in having threads with more then a notice, I wanted to add something to keep the topic going. Tell me a mother’s day story. It could be a time you forgot about it or the perfect gift you found. For me it is the moment I realized(to some extent) what it means to be a mother. It happened a few years ago and I can’t remember all of the details so please bear with me. It was on Mother’s day and my mom decided to help me with something. I honestly can’t remember what. It might have been cleaning my room or some other medial chore for all I remember. I told her she didn’t need to be helping me and taking care of me today. Today was her day off from being a mother and if anything I should be helping her. She told me that a mother doesn’t stop being a mother because its Mother’s day. A mother is a mother always and at all times. She never really takes time off from that job despite sleeping in one morning and enjoying a breakfast made by her kids. She told me if I wanted to celebrate her being a mother, I should let her be a mother and help me. I think thats the moment that I realized what being a mother means(to some extent). If any women on here would like to correct me or add on feel free. It means always taking care of your children regardless of it being convenient or fun. It simply means being there whenever they need you. Whether that means listening to them or helping them with their homework or whatever else it may entail. It means that they are there for you always and love you always. Even if I did something incredibly stupid, I know my mom will always love me and that I will always love her.

Thanks to all the Mom’s out there,