Motion Magic using a potentiometer

We have used Motion Magic in the past with great success using the CTRE Mag Encoders and RS7 encoders. We are looking at using a 10 turn pot to measure the position of our elevator. This way we should never loose tracking of the position.

Will we have to take any special precautions using the analog input vs an encoder?
Other notes:
The potentiometer will turn about 5.5 revolutions in its full range.
We will install Hard limits as well to the system.

Potentiometers readings will be noisier, but if you’re already doing some kind of filtering it should work out similarly, unless you mean from and electrical perspective in which case I haven’t a clue. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Works for us, although this year we are using a potentiometer only for simple position of lever type mechanism.
So, just the obvious - if connecting to a Talon SRX, make sure you use the analog breakout box and in software make sure you define an anlaog versus something like a Quadrature encoder…not that we would ever make those mistakes…

Yes we have the analog breakout board. We also Have a RS7 and break out for that as well. We though we might give the pot a go. I have always liked to use a pot on our <180 deg rotating motions and usually as a PID Subsystem. Never as a off Rio TalonSRX close loop system. We can always fall back to the known if it doesn’t work.