Motion Profile Streaming

I’m implementing CTRE Pheonix’s motion profiling with a TalonSRX and was wondering how long it takes for the actual trajectory points to be streamed to the talon’s firmware buffer and ran; Does this take a noticeable amount of time? I’m deciding whether or not to add code to make the process more efficient in case it does take a noticeable amount of time.

Also, for those of you who have tried this and motion magic, what did you prefer and why?

Using the CTRE motion profile example code as base ( 5 ms loop), my test shows that at least 5 to 10 points need be buffered first before start to execute the profile point without running into isUnderRun issue. That translates into less than 200 ms delay. We originally plan to pre-buffer the trajectory points, but it make the code a lot complicated. 100 ms or so delay without pre-buffering is acceptable for us at this point.

For motion profile vs motion magic, motion profile can do curve motion which can be used in this year’s game. I don’t know if you can do curve motion with motion magic. Motion magic is simple to use and can be used to travel a certain distance for an elevator.

Could you explain your test where you determined the number of points that needed to be buffered before being able to start the profile?