Motion profiling using pathfinder and talon srx

Hey everyone,

My team and I are currently working on integrating our code with the Talon SRX instead of the WpilibPID. We are also trying to get motion profiling to work too, but I am confused as to how to generate the paths. I read on the CTRE docs that there is an excel sheet that generates the paths for you, but my team has used the PathWeaver tool before so I was wondering if there is a way to use Pathweaver and use the exported paths with the CTRE MotionControl mode. Thanks!

TL;DR can pathweaver paths be used with talonsrx motionprofile mode?

Hi, we have allways used motion profiling on the Talon SRX. I would concider using

You can either export for c++ or java or even a csv file that can be read

Thanks! I will look into this.

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