Motion Profiling with E4T Optical Encoders

Hi all,

Our team is trying to get motion profiling working with our E4T optical encoders and EVO shifters. We’re running 4 CTRE victor SPs for the drive motor controllers with 1 encoder on each side of the drive train. Has any team seen success in this type of motion profiling? We want to run a smooth autonomous rout but we have no idea what to do. We have about 300 lines written in Java but have no idea if it will even work. Can anyone help us out here?

We are using EVO Shifters, but we took those E4T’s out because they are horrible. You can purchase S4T’s from USDigital and then put them on with a little lathing down of the encoder shaft or use surgical tubing, the S4T’s will work well and weve been using them the entire season for everything and they never drift or skip, we love them.

We spent all last year with the E4T’s and they are not usable, it isnt worth your time to try and get them to work because they slip, and become misaligned.

Thinking about switching to CTRE MAGs, but it depends if we have any SRXs…I really wish andymark just threw in the MAGs instead of the E4T.

Still though, if anyone has anything please let us know!

You don’t necessarily need an SRX in order to use a MAG. You can use a breakout board and that will give you the 4 wires that you normally get while using the E4T.