Motor and Controller help

Hi everyone, I’m not entirely sure if this question has been asked (despite searching the forums), but I was wondering, is there a list of which motors are associated with what motor controller device? (For example, I know CIM can only go with Jaguar, but there are other motors and controllers out there…)

This is my school’s first year doing FIRST Robotics (it’s FRC). There is oh so much stuff to learn… I’m enjoying the process very much, but I feel very ignorant about various robotics terminology. ::rtm:: Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

This is not meant to be sarcastic: Where are you getting your information?

I’m with Ether on this. The rule on use of motor controllers, [R50-A], only says “approved speed controller” for the CIM and FP motors. (The general rule, [R50], specifies “approved power regulating device” and nothing more.) [R51] has the list of approved power regulating devices.