Motor button programming

Hello, I am wondering how someone would program 2 different buttons on a joystick to tell a motor to go forwards and backwards.

Use an unbundle by name coming out of the joystick get and choose which 2 buttons you would like. Now, using selects specify what values (power wise) you would like to go into the motor based upon which button has a true value.
Good luck.

Yes, I have tried that before, but how do I wire both the selects into one Motor Set Output?

This image should explain it.

Could you post that picture as a thumbnail or imgur link? My school’s hyper-strict web filter won’t allow me to see that.


I hope that works.

looks like imgur is blocked too.

Hope this one works.

Ah! I have been having some problems with this as well, my team is switching to Labview from C++ this year and I had some problems with it. This cleared it right up!

It wanted me to log in to your schools email to see it

If that’s the case ignore that link and use the thumbnail image.