Motor control problem

we placed the motor in the middle of the chassi,
and we got them working forward and backward. but when we turn, they turn the wrong way (i.e joystick left-> bot right and vice versa)
any thoughts on that?

Does the robot still go forwards and backwards correctly? Are you using one-joystick code or two-joystick code?

One question. How many joysticks are you using to control the robot?

If you are using just one joystick, and programming to control both sides. You can either reverse the pwm’s on the controller. Or change in the program.

If you are using two joysticks then you should be using one joystick per side and again just reverse the pwm’s on the controller.

If I’m not mistaken, our team had the same problem. You just put the opposite PWM’s on the Victors. Try playing with the pwm cables untill it all works(that’s how it worked for us :S)