Motor Controller linearity testing

*Before posting a white paper, I’d like to get some comments and questions about some motor controller testing that Richard Wallace and I did in the R&E motor lab at Whirlpool Feb 3. (624 KB) (624 KB)

*No questions?

Just running somewhat ragged right now…:slight_smile:

Hi Ether,

What are you attempting to test for? What does MC mean? Like Mark said this is very busy time…trying to get a robot done.

Thank you for the data.


*MC = Motor Controller (e.g. TalonSR, Spark, VictorSP)

The RPM vs PW @ Nm family of curves shows the speed linearity of the MC’s response to increasing PWM command at constant torque.

This was of considerable interest back in the Victor 884 days, but seems to be largely behind us now :slight_smile:

Sorry, I missed this first time around.

Thanks for all the data - I’ll do a deeper dive, but at first glance, it certainly seems that a simple linear model of CIM performance with no (or minimal) distinction among these three controllers is going to be good enough for most purposes - good to know!