Motor Controller


This HB-25 Motor Controller from will work on FRC Robot Controller. but I wonder do I need to write code? or how do this work on FRC Robot Controller?

I need only a small Motor Controller max 5A. I will control 4 electric motor.sow I need 4 HB-25 Motor Controller. The HB-25 Motor Controller is inexpensive.if I buy 4 Victor 884 Speed Controller will this cost me 560 dollar. the 4 HB-25 Motor Controller cost only 50 Dollar for one (200 dollar)

I need only a Motor Controller that work on a FRC Robot Controller,not a Victor 884 or 883 Speed Controller it is expensive for me, and i dont need sow many A

this project is not to a robot,but to a submarine (rov)

It should work on the FRC controller the same as a Victor 884. You should be able to use any of the same code that would work with the Victor. For a ROV, you are going to have to write code, the default code from IFI for a robot is probably not going to do what you want.

It looks like a nice motor controller, I may have to invest in a couple to play with.

Good Luck.

ok thanks!

Then I will order 4 HB-25 Motor Controller from and see how this will work.

But about joystick wher can I buy that with standard Analog 15pin??

I have search on Internet, but I can find anything, only with USB?

(I need 2 standard Analog joystick)

Here, try this site. They supply the joysticks that the FIRST Robotics teams get in their kit of parts. Go straight to the bottom of the page; it’s the one labeled “Analog”.

Teams often modify them to suit their needs.

For joysticks, also it is possible to use a “USB Chicklet” to make a USB joystick work OK. Search this forum for more information. IFI sells them.