Motor Controllers leds turn red after running Phoenix diagnostic server

We have a PDP with 2 Talon SRX, and 1 Victor SPX The leds on all of them indicates that the CAN bus is detected. But every time wen we try to run Phoenix diagnostic server to configre their ports, the leds status change to slow alternating red, and stay that way until we power them off.
Any idea why?

My first thought is to check if you have a terminating resistor. I don’t quite know what the effect of a can bus without a termination would be, but I would imagine it would be something good to check for. (By the way, I’m probably not the most qualified to help with troubleshooting)

These are all of the blink codes for a TalonSRX:

I think that even if there is a CAN bus detected, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working. The whole system runs in a single loop (technical term is a daisy chain) where everything is in series with each other. So if at any point there is a break in the cable or a messed up receiving device (a faulty motor controller or something) that prevents the signal form continuing, there’s a potential problem. Having any CAN devices that aren’t a part of the chain will cause a shutdown of the robot as a safety measure because an uncontrollable robot is a dangerous robot.

I recommend individually testing each motor controller individually by hooking them up to a spare robot or something and run each one to make sure they are in working order. If all that is fine, check your wiring to make sure you don’t have any physical breaks in the cable.

My normal can debugging process involves simplifying your can to 1 device. Rio- device - termination. See if it comes up, address the device, update the firmware, then add the next device to the can rinse and repeat. Tedious but effective.


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