Motor controllers not functioning properly

After switching to VS Code 2020, we have had issues with programming our motor controllers. In the past we have the line “MotorName.Set(ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::ControlMode::PercentOutput, 0.1);” to tell a motor controller to change the speed of the motor. Now when we use this code, our motor toggle between moving and not moving, despite the code telling them to move constantly. We use C++ in VS Code, and if you need more information please let us know.

Make sure you follow the instructions in order…

Control the Talon using Phoenix Tuner to ensure proper wiring and setup.

If issue reproduces, check and post your self-test.

For example your device may be resetting do to improper wiring, which would be revealed by the self-test sticky faults.

Looks like your double-posted?

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Thank you for your help, we were able to solve the issue by updating our firmware.

Try calling talonName.feed() on your talons everytime you set a motor effort.

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