Motor Controllers on PCM

Is it against the rules to connect a motor controller to the PCM? I couldn’t find anything saying it is, but I want to make sure.

The pnumatics control module wont supply adequate power.

I only want to use it to power a low powered electric solenoid, not an actual motor.

Motor controllers have to be controlled through PWM (R68 and R70) or CAN (R70), and powered by the PDP (R52). Also it wouldn’t work for power or for signal.

Legal electric solenoids should be powered by a motor controller, spike relay module or automation direct relay, as the PCM only has 500mAmps of power for all of it’s relay ports.

What kind of solenoid are you referring to? A linear actuator that is powered by a motor, or a pneumatic solenoid that actuates a cylinder? You shouldn’t have to wire any non-pneumatic components into the PCM?

This is pretty well laid out in R30. You need to be clear if you are talking about an electric solenoid actuator allowed per R27. Or a motor. Electric solenoids can be powered from the PCM - although you want to consider power draw when selecting a solenoid. You can use a 10W solenoid but the PCM only gives you 500mA across all channels which is only 6W, depending on your application this may be enough. It is not legal to use a motor powered off the PCM. If you need clarification on the difference between a linear actuator with a motor vs a solenoid feel free to ask and I can provide more detail.