Motor curve spreadsheet

Last year I came across an Excel spreadsheet that contained the motor curves for several of the FRC motors. You could pick a motor and it would show the power and torque curves and allow you to enter some values for which it would calculate where they fell on the curve.

Can anyone point me at this - I can no longer find it.

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Possibly this one?


That was the one, many thanks

Updated for 2010 at

Thanks Mark for posting this. I was looking for this info this morning, but couldn’t find it. Are there torque curves available for the other kit motors as well?:slight_smile:

If you pull down in cell B13 there is a list of this years kit motors. Pick one and the plot should update. There are cell comments that provides additional instructions.

Thanks this is great!

Thanks, that worked nicely.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You might have been using my workbook. It also has a slider bar to change the settings and a gear ratio calculator. I deleted the old white paper as I updated the workbook and added an accompanying presentation. You’ll find the new files here…