motor documents

Does any one know if and or where there are documents that have torque curves or tables for the kit motors? I have been looking for the last few days and found nothing.


there was a nice laminated sheet in the KOP, let me see what i can find for ya at the beginning of the week when i get back to school.

in this manual from the FIRST page, I think the motor specs are around page 5

Check the Tips and Guidelines, most are listed along with links to the manufacturer’s docs.

That is the document linked in my post above… I just get tired of trying to remember it’s name :slight_smile:

I am looking for a graph for the small CIM motor, so I went to the site listed and can’t find it on the site, under the CIM motor products it only lists one 12 volt motor, and it obviously isnt the listed.


Is this it?

cim.pdf (58 KB)

cim.pdf (58 KB)

Yup, where did you find it on the site? because I just feel stupid now.


I dont know if they are on “the site”, but if you use the search function on this message board, type in something like

cim motor specs

there are several posts that have links to that cim.pdf file.

Finding info is challenging…don’t feel bad if you could not find what you were looking for right away, it takes time to learn how to search effectively.

From my files. I keep all electronic files for each year.