Motor for a forklift

We are going with a forklift design and with the absence of the minibike motor we are looking for an alternate to raise/lower our forklift. Would using both fp motors create enough torque to lift a 6lb structure plus the 10lb ball at a reasonable speed? Or would the globe motors be a better alternative?

Yes. As long as you use a gear box. We actually just used our 2007 lift to lift the ball and it is driven by just 1 FP motor using an AM Planetary and a 56mm BaneBots Planetary. It was fast, but it was moving at a snails speed either.

we’re probably using the a FP also, and for the same idea… probably…

FP motors with the gearboxes are more powerful than globe motors. so yes, i would advise using FP’s.

Teams 968 and 254 used 2 FPs and a rotating drum last year for their lift bots.

Two FPs, stock gearboxes, is a classic BeachBot trick. The 2007 (and 2005, if we hadn’t used a PVC arm) robot arm could lift our driver, and he’s at least robot weight (I think…)–at least 2007 could before we took off one motor to make ramp weight. Our 2004 robot had 2 FPs on one drum and winched itself up on a bar–that’s 120 pounds + battery, all on two FPs through the gearboxes and the frame through screws in the mounts. Two FPs might even be overkill, but you might want that.

Remember that the van door motor is back in the kit. (I haven’t checked to see if it’s the same as previous years as far as performance but I would assume it’s similar). In 2k1 we used a van door motor tied to a drum. The Van door motor can be direct driven as is because it has a worm gear box built into the casing.

FYI: If you didn’t know, 2k1 had similar size/weight balls.

On second thought, it would probably be faster using the FPs, but just throwing more ideas out there.

We used the keyang motors last year to work our arm. Those things are super torquey and don’t backdrive.