Motor for mini-bots

What kinds of motors can we use for the mini-bots. At first I thought it was just the nxt motors which are slow. Anyone find any other ones we can use.

<R92> defines the restricted list of components a minibot must be constructed from.

This list includes the motors that may be used.

Can’t you kinda just “shoot” it up there?

The Deployment definition and <G20> states that because the minibot is considered an extension of the robot, it must be deployed below the deployment line on the tower.

Yeah we were thinking of a fly wheel that you spin up on your bot then you let losse on the pole. Do people think that’s legal.

Possible? If a 15-lb, 12" diameter or less flywheel can make it up the pole without falling off, I’ll be surprised.

Safe? I’m thinking no, because if you miss, that’s a lot of energy going somewhere. Hopefully it’s shielded enough that it doesn’t go straight towards other robots/people’s feet when they come on the field/that sort of thing–which further reduces available weight/diameter.

Legal? Questionable (on safety). Ask Q&A.

TETRIX DC Drive Motor (W739083) data.

12-volt DC motor features 152 rpm and 300 oz-in. of torque.

edit – See datasheet attached in another thread. /edit

How about if the minibot has another minibot that it shoots up the pole?
Or if the hostbot “kicks” the minibot up the pole?

That would most likely be considered a detaching mechanism and therefore illegal (as it doesn’t fall under the exception of the minibot detatching from the hostbot)