Motor for our Robot

Anyone knows what kind or what model that our team can use for stand 60 kg and dont pull up than 40A ?

What style of climber are you guys building?

Check out the JVN design calculator. Select different motors and choose your gearing to fit your parameters.

Also, please make sure that whatever motor you’re using is in compliance with R33’s allowed motor list… Should go without saying, but sometimes I just like to make sure.

This is also a great application for the Mechanism Ratio calculator in my design calculator. Put in 60kg as your load, your pulley/sprocket radius as your radius, and 40A as your current limit. Then play around with different numbers and types of motors to see in the current limit column what will give you the linear speed you want. Then the calculator will tell you what gear ratio you need to get those specs without having to guess and check in the JVN calculator. There are more full examples for elevators and other mechanisms in the calculator.