Motor Gear Info

Can anyone tell me what the pressure angles (14 1/2 degree or 20 degree or ??) are for the 12 tooth gear that is mounted on the shaft of the drill motor, and the 16 tooth gear that is on the Fisher Price motor? And does anyone have a source (Supplier and part number) for replacements for either of these?

The gears are 20 Degree pressure angle.

The 12T drill pinion is 0.7 module.

The 16T F-P pinion is 32 D.P. (English units for Diametral Pitch vs. Metric Module)

The drill pinion is available from Skil-Bosch service parts. I think the entire F-P motor with pinion is under 20 bucks and I don’t think it is available separately.

To my knowledge PIC-Design is the only company that sells .7 module gears “off the shelf” When off the shelf gears were legal, I used them to buy a mate to the drill motor.

Perhaps FIRST has relaxed the gear sourcing rule, but I suppose that they have not.

If you want to mate to that gear you will have to get one custom made from legal kit materials. We have always had them wire EDMed from 1/4 steel plate. It works well for us.

Joe J.