Motor Gearing Help!!!!

Hi all, im not a robot man(not that smart) But i do have a project of my on.
Im in to R/C. Anything R/c, Im looking to get a 3D Heli next! Anyway, until then i have started and completed my own rc Monster truck. I have battery,recievers,servos,frontend steering and im powering with a 33cc Chainsaw engine! Here is my problem. I had it geared with 1:1 ratio which all it did was wine real bad, i could drive it around the driveway(slowly), but if i hit grass it didnt have any power.Ive burnt 2 clutches:( I thought a 33cc engine would turn at least 6000rpm, and just rip my yard all to peices, i want rooster tails,had one guy tell me it would turn 9’s and do 90 to 100 mph if i could haveit in a controled state. WHERE IS MY POWER??? I have just welded me up a 32tooth Engine gear and i was going to run a smaller gear on my axle to drive the wheels. But if anyone could stop me first to help me out, with out me having to weld and fabricate all this up(AGAIN) and it NOT work right please do!!! my trial and error has taught me alot but i had about 40 hours just in my back axil and i wnt it to work this time if i put that time into it again, please somebody,anybody,get me a strong,high speed,high torqe gearing ratio so i can enjoy my creation. ill post pics tommorow. Thanks

we can’t help you come up with a gear ratio without knowing specifics about your motors.

At any rate, you went about it the wrong way. You put a large sprocket on the output, and a small sprocket on the wheel. This will make your car go faster. You need to gear your motor down and put a large sprocket on the wheel, and a small one on the output.

For gearing for RC, you should never have it be 1:1. That’s way too fast for speed and way too little torque, especially for a Monster Truck, try a way smaller pinion and a bigger spur to have a 4:1 or even 5:1 gear ratio instead of the 1:1 with 6,000 rpm. It should better your acceleration and increase your torque…then again, I don’t know much about engines, I race electric onroads…

Also, this isn’t an RC Forum. You should’ve gone to instead or someplace else like that.

wel sorry fellas seemed like you guys could have helped and you have,but the ony specs i could fing was 2.0 cubic feet and 33 cc,rpm not known sorry guys continue on, and good luck on yaws stuff!